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Filming this episode was a blast, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love to throw a great party? We wanted to help out a friend by staging his townhouse that was on the market and bring in some potential buyers by throwing a real estate party.

minetta lane townhouse novogratz

The huge space had an incredibly bare feeling. We understood that it wasn’t selling because buyers just couldn’t picture how they would really live in the space. Our first order of business: to highlight the concrete floors and turn them into a great design element. With some black and white paint, we created an oversized checkerboard pattern that really added character and a sense of scale to the previously bland space. This was done by measuring out the checkered pattern, marking it with tape, and then painting away.

layering art novogratz

We took advantage of the very tall ceiling height, by hanging a cluster of chandeliers at different levels to create a focal point as you enter the space. The next part was a no-brainer: we brought in lots of great, colorful furniture and a rug to make it feel like a home. Finally, we layered the space, just like you would in your home, with great art, candles, and tons of flowers.

black and white checkered floor

Job done, we sent out the invites for the party, which was attended by brokers, press and potential buyers — a truly diverse group of fabulous New Yorkers.

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  1. Debbie says:

    I'm glad I found this post! I thought I was the only one who thought this Novogratz show was totally disappointing. I love HGTV, but they missed the mark on this one, I, too, miss Kim…whatever happened to Myles of Style???? They just disappear and are never seen again1!! What's the story? Novogratz can decorate someone else's house but I wouldn't let them near mine!!! They are very strange, and like someone said, seem to be full of themselves. But why? They don't have a REASON to be full of themselves, because they certainly aren't good designers!!

  2. Linda Oliver says:

    This episode definitely was the worst of
    them all. I have liked some of what they do. I always wonder what Vern would say if something like this was presented on Design Star. I actually think this is on for those who like the innovative decorating, which so many of us do not. I will keep watching though, as I have liked some of what they do. I miss Kim Myles also !!! Come back Kim.

  3. Indiana Deb says:

    Not a fan either. They are waaayyy off the Bell curve for me Would rather watch the weather channel.

    • @schim54 says:

      this week novagratz didn't impress me. perhaps there were budget limitations. anyone can paint and rearrage furniture. the grafitti art seemed like an after thought to fill wall space

  4. NYPAMarie says:

    Love the show cause it is different. love seeing the family. Their style is different. I would love a saying wall. So many of these shows but none like theirs. Theirs is great.

  5. jennifer says:

    oh please. the common person does not recognize great design. that's why rooms to go is in business. novogratz are what they are. call them pretentious?? i don't think so. self absorbed? nope. if you don't like it, fine. but so what! your interiors are likely "predictable" in a completely different way. they have to get these jobs done quickly & don't have time to scour freakin' flea markets & yard sales. the tv puts the demands on them. they're not telling everyone to go out & spend that. it's a show. donna decorates dallas on the other is a joke. tacky as heck. talk about tons of money spent on crap. it's all a matter of taste – chocolate vanilla bubble gum…

  6. Kerrie says:

    Like their promo says "we want people to open a bottle of wine and decorate" it looks like they got drunk and did just that . Come on HGTV this is not what fits for the majority of your viewers.

  7. LonMor says:

    We regularly refer to the show as "Novo-crap!" Or just "crap" for short.

  8. Josefa Gliniewicz says:

    How do I get to post a commercial building advertisement for sale in Portugal? Is there anybody that can help?

  9. Jb jones says:


  10. Rad Ford says:

    The Novogatz are genius?! They understand design. Not self absorbed at all! They are hip, cool, so with it! When I watch there show, I almost cream myself with excitement! Now THAT'S excitement, don't you think? I'm getting a boner just thinking about their designs !

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