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By now, you realize that Ken and I like things a bit… quirky.

DIY Office Desk Makeover- Erin Loechner

A smart DIY for an inspiring office.

Never the couple to leave a piece of store-bought furniture untouched, we’re big fans of customization in all forms — even when it’s not an entirely necessary upgrade.

DIY Office Desk Makeover- Erin Loechner

It's a perfectly good desk, right? Eh.

Take, for instance, our existing, run-of-the-mill office desk. It’s perfectly functional, but a bit… boring. And when you work from home, an office should be anything but boring. This weekend, Ken and I put our heads together to create a unique desk that we’d be proud to work at daily. Behold! We pulled it off:

DIY Office Desk Makeover- Erin Loechner

A vast improvement in our eyes.

Inspired by this quirky place setting placemat, we loved the idea of creating a silhouette-based illustration that would make us smile, while reminding us to keep our desk clean and tidy. With a designated spot for our phones, beverages, headphones and laptops, the desk leaves the rest to the imagination.

DIY Office Desk Makeover- Erin Loechner

Custom decals worked like a charm.

Surprisingly, the process was simple to pull off. After building a new desktop (we wanted something more modular, less curvy and a bit longer), Ken crafted custom decals using wax paper and painter’s tape. We secured the decals and after a few blasts with our paint sprayer, the project was complete.

DIY Office Desk Makeover- Erin Loechner

So cute, yes?

Proof that, sometimes, form is just as important as function. Especially when it makes you smile while responding to endless amounts of emails!

DIY Office Desk Makeover- Erin Loechner

A place for everything... and everything in its place.

What do you think, friends? An inspiring DIY or a total waste of time?

Share your thoughts below!

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  6. Briana@HGTV says:

    (Wow, you had good stage managers.)

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