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You know that one funny story you tell that friends and family members get a kick out of, so much so that they consistently ask you to recite it or perform it because it brings them joy? I do. Mine is this stupid story about how when I was 17-years-old and working at a toy store for extra Christmas money, a shady couple came into the store, then had a friend distract me while they ran out with about $275 in rubber dinosaurs and marbles. We never caught them, but hey… the joke’s on them. They stole rubber Stegosauruses and cheap marbles.

About three years ago, I swapped this yuletide tale for a design trick I did in my own home and in a restaurant I designed in Midtown, Atlanta. What was the trick? Rubber Pterodactyl and green marble wallpaper. Just kidding. I’m talking about ginormous wall murals, particularly those sporting photographs printed on vinyl. After about three back-to-back projects with clients requesting these, I made it a point to completely stay away from using them for the sake of not becoming a one-trick-pony. Well, since interior design is a business and businesses are all about making money, I recently got over this and started embracing the many fantastic super gigantic wall murals there are to choose from online. Cha-ching! From very big decals to custom photographs more than 11 feet tall, take a look at what I’ve found on the internets. And just for old time’s sake, I even included a dinosaur. But I left out the marbles.

Mega Print

If you are vain and have fallen in love with a particular photograph that captured you from that perfect angle, giving you a super defined chin you like to think that you always have, perhaps you can immortalize yourself on your wall with Megaprint. The company can print your personal photo as a larger than life vinyl mural. If you do this, keep in mind that black and white photos seem to have greater longevity, since they won’t tie you into any specific color scheme until you move.

Mega Print

In addition to photographs, Megaprint can also print large-scale graphics, an excellent way to add some colorful, branded life to your company’s office space.
Butterfly Elements

Casart may be the most brilliant thing since sliced bread…seriously. I hate that saying because when people utter those words, they pretend it’s funny. Kinda like when someone pronounces Target [TAR jay] like they are the first to ever say it like that. Anyway, Casart creates murals, wallpaper and graphics that are, get this, RE-STICKABLE! Ah! This is life-changing for a designer who deals with tons of condos on a regular basis. I love these super-sized butterflies. Just one of these doozies paired with sleek, modern furniture is enough to quickly and affordably fill up a small bedroom.

Blik Scan Forest
Blik Scan Branches

Blik is the very first decal company I ever used back on a TV makeover series I used to design for. They have an enormous range of modern creations for kids and adults. The products come in clear packaging and include burnishers, which are all that’s needed to apply them. Two of their most timeless creations are To Scan A Forest and Branches.

Sissy Little Spinosaurus

Well whaddyaknow? A dinosaur! At least this time, it won’t include the aforementioned kleptomaniac toy store cheaters. Sissylittle carries a few giant-scale dinosaurs that are kiddie enough for the kids but modern enough for their parents to enjoy. Or cool enough for self-proclaimed mature geeks and nerds to decorate with in their apartments. (You know, those Big Bang Theory, long live Pluto types.)

Hand Drawn Tree

Sissylittle also offers a plethora of styles certain to pack longevity include botanical and/or nature subjects such as the Hand Drawn Tree.

Decor Demon

And here you go: The photo wall mural that started it all, a black and white photo of my parents in Fort Lauderdale circa 1969, shortly before putting down roots and starting what would become our family. What’s still so spectacular about this particular image is its mod vibe, the cool expressions on my parents’ faces and its scale. The aspect ratio is ideal for the wall behind my sofa. Too bad my parents found it creepy that I blew them up to 11 feet tall in my loft.

Photo Wall Mural

For those of you interested in how to turn a favorite photo into a wall mural and actually install it yourself, take a look at this HGTV.com step-by-step article.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Anyone else have any luck with excellent giant wall murals? If so, share the wealth in the comments below.

And if I have taught you anything, it is never to steal dinosaurs and marbles.

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  2. CplusE says:

    I'm not sure I would like giant faces looking out upon me from a wall mural, but I do like those depicting natural scenes, and there are so many good ones out there it is impossible to choose a favorite! I do love the waterfall mural in this bathroom:


    There is a beautiful autumnal scene in this room:


    This living room with the pebbles wall mural is nicely done:


    And this earth and moon wall mural is out-of-this-world fantastic:


    The spooky house wall mural from Pottery Barn is no longer available, but what a great idea for Halloween:


    Speaking of faces staring out at one, this wall mural may be a bit off-color to show on this site, but it is hilarious and worth a look if you want a good laugh:


    Frankly, I find this even creepier than the spooky house! xD

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  4. Lisa Sall says:

    I'm surprised you didn't mention my favorite wall decor company: Uppercase Living! They have the coolest stuff I've seen as far as peel and stick. The possibilities are endless when it comes to taking your own photo and turning it into art on the wall and their prices are very affordable!!!! I love this company so much that I signed up as a home demonstrator! Check it out! http://lisasall.uppercaseliving.net/Home.m
    the online catalog is chock full of ideas!!

  5. Tammy says:

    I had a lot of fun reading and exploring the wall mural options you gave here. I have a wall mural in a senic waterfall and trees in my sun room. It Gives the room a very tropical feel. All the Company we had in our home all say it's their favorite room. I do find that it is fading and will need to be replaced soon. They are so easy to put up. usually about 6 panals of wall paper and your done.

    Thanks for your insight. I think I'm going to do the enlarged photo thing in our Den or Son's room.

  6. Arav says:

    An unique idea for house walls. Giant Murals. It'll surely gives the house a new attracting look. I'll prefer to go with Nature alike paintings like the butterfly or tree's one above.It's far better than using just simple tile at walls.

  7. Arav says:

    An unique idea for house walls. Giant Murals. It'll surely gives the house a new attracting look. I'll prefer to go with Nature alike paintings like the butterfly or tree's one above.It's far better than using just simple tile at walls.

  8. Oyan says:

    For improving a home a lots of things are involved like kitchen remodeling,Bathroom remodeling, choosing best floor or whether it'll be of Wood or tile's and so on. For these purpose,here a lots of stuff to get the right direction to choose the best option. And I more liked the step by step approach for every details.

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  9. pam says:

    Does anyone know where to get the stick-on wall mural (black and white architectural detail) that was on a recent (4:00 12/17/11) episode (#DOD-3006ZH) of Design on a Dime?

  10. Ladybug says:

    I am trying to find the wall of words that defined the FAMILY……..I think it was don one on Kitchen Cousins. Help anyone

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