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One of my very favorite museums is the American Museum of Natural History, and one of my favorite parts of the museum is The Butterfly Conservatory. It’s not for everyone (author Sloane Crosley penned a hilarious account of her days as a reluctant butterfly docent for the museum in I Was Told There’d Be Cake), but I love being surrounded by the morphos and longwings.

butterfly wallLonny Magazine. Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Celerie Kemble and Anna Burke

Hence, I’m loving this room from the new issue of Lonny. The striking Butterfly People wall art is made from real butterflies that have been encased in acrylic and lucite — after they’ve completed their short natural life-span, the Butterfly People site is quick to point out. I think the colors are so dreamy, and the way the butterflies have been placed gives the piece a real sense of movement. (Of course, if you’re hesitant to use the real thing, you could take Brian Patrick Flynn’s suggestion and pick up some Casart butterfly wall decals.)

What do you think? Do you leap for Lepidoptera like me, or do butterflies just bug you?

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  1. Kate says:

    Even if they died of natural causes they're still dead bugs on your wall which I find creepy. That being said I do love butterflies and they are a huge component in the art (in a variety of media) in the nursery I'm designing for our soon to arrive daughter.

  2. CplusE says:

    I love butterflies! I enjoy attracting live ones to our yard with a butterfly garden. We get some beautiful butterflies and moths visiting here — tiger and black swallowtails, gulf fritillaries, luna moths, and rosy maple moths (isn't that a great name?), among others. The Butterfly People wall art is so beautiful. My husband travels to Puerto Rico frequently for work so I will send him to their store the next time he goes — after all, Christmas is just around the corner and these would make great gifts! :D

  3. Marianne@HGTV says:

    Holy cats, this took my breath away! What an amazing conversation piece for your home. If you want to DIY something on a smaller scale (that doesn't harm the life of a single butterfly!), I like this little shadow box from Young House Love: http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/08/bridges-but

  4. Stacy says:

    I heard Nicole Kidman's afraid of butterflies. I think that's weird. This is pretty.

  5. Lili says:

    I used to be afraid of moths. It's my mother's fault. When I was little, she used to freak out when one got into the house because she believed (from woolen black and white days of Europe), that they would eat the clothes. I love them now – I live in the country and have gotten over my fear of bugs. I just let one out of the house yesterday. Be happy.

  6. Dani@HGTV says:

    This reminds of Paris's Van Cleef & Arpels, designed by Patrick Jouin. The walls are embellished with a silver/pewter array of pixies and butterflies. Both spaces are so so dreamy.

  7. [...] still worth checking out for edible feathers, flowers, butterflies (imagine desserts looking like the butterfly art I posted about and you’re close), and spooky Halloween accents. See? Seasonal entertaining’s a piece [...]

  8. Arav says:

    Really charming. The colors of butterflies just dreamy. The dim light made this environment also dreamy. I think it'll be a great option to have a such corner in house for a better remodeling where one can enjoy the night's calmness.

  9. Oyan says:

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