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You know that sound you just heard? That’s the same sound I heard when I first laid eyes on this week’s Freebie Friday. My jaw hitting the ground. (I’m trying not to drool on my keyboard as I craft this post.)

Some of us are blessed to inherit a family heirloom passed down through generations. Others of us may have the opportunity to gift a loved one a newly made unique piece of handcrafted or couture-quality furniture that is an instant heirloom. Modern History furniture offers exquisitely designed modern antiques that are works of art and are guaranteed to become treasured additions to any family’s decor.

Decorated Venetian Chest - Modern HIstory - HGTV design blog freebie friday

This week, one lucky winner will receive Modern History’s Decorated Venetian Chest. For a chance to win this stunning piece, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, September 19.

This week’s question: Forget what the dictionary says, how do you define an heirloom piece of furniture or decor? What are its essential qualities?

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557 Responses

  1. Brittney Waldrop says:

    To me, it is something that was cherised by someone or your family over the years and is passed down over the years!!!!

  2. kathleen says:

    from looking at these postings, i reckon i don't have a chance :-/.. all i can say is I love antiques/heirlooms.. i am verrrrrrrrry sentimental and love to mix things up. this would look beautiful in my newly purchased home of only 3 months.. i could reeeeeeeally use ANY piece of furniture!!

  3. Carol Jakelsky says:

    An heirloom is something that is in your heart….it itself brings you back to a memory…a time and place….it doesn't have to be old it just has to be that one piece or that one item that is so special that you couldn't imagine a time without it. It all begins in the heart.

  4. Sharon Soneff says:

    An heirloom is an object that possesses a value far beyond it's monetary worth. It is something that has a special significance to it's owner and has merit of being passed down to future generations. It differs not whether it is large or small, ornate or humble….what matters is that it has been cherished and beloved by its owner.

  5. kate says:

    i would define it as a antique piece that has old treasured love in it and means alot to the person/people it has belonged to and the future owner/s but im not really sure what it mean to be honest ive just read the comments on here but the piece that u are giving away is sooo beautiful and would go perfect in my one day new room thank always kate

  6. Cheryl says:

    It means a piece of history. Somebody made this piece of art to last for generations and having it in my home means I can have the oportunity to share it with my family and friends. It is a treasure from the past that need to be exhibit and pass throuh the generations.

  7. CJ Henderson says:

    For me, an heirloom is any piece that has value found in it's ability to survive, and holds so many untold stories, but speaks to me often of those loved and lost. It may be shabby or it may be chic and to many it may be used up and finished, but in the eyes of the beholder was and is still a piece of functional art. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing work of art, treasures and stories it will hold for the winner. <3 <3

  8. Kathy S says:

    In my opinion an heirloom is an object that has been/will be passed down within a family, that is or will become important to that family. kind of like a tradition, it can be old or new, but something that a family can share!

  9. Sueanne says:

    An heirloom doesn't need to be defined by age. It's already defined by it's love and purpose on the first moment it passes from one person to another. it's the intention of knowing that a piece will be passed down through families for years to come and the care and sentiment it will receive.

  10. Jenn Williams says:

    Like other commenters, I think that "heirloom" means something that has been passed down over multiple generations in a family, whether it's in pristine condition or not. (In fact, I often prefer things that have been well-loved over things that still look perfect.)

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