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You know that sound you just heard? That’s the same sound I heard when I first laid eyes on this week’s Freebie Friday. My jaw hitting the ground. (I’m trying not to drool on my keyboard as I craft this post.)

Some of us are blessed to inherit a family heirloom passed down through generations. Others of us may have the opportunity to gift a loved one a newly made unique piece of handcrafted or couture-quality furniture that is an instant heirloom. Modern History furniture offers exquisitely designed modern antiques that are works of art and are guaranteed to become treasured additions to any family’s decor.

Decorated Venetian Chest - Modern HIstory - HGTV design blog freebie friday

This week, one lucky winner will receive Modern History’s Decorated Venetian Chest. For a chance to win this stunning piece, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, September 19.

This week’s question: Forget what the dictionary says, how do you define an heirloom piece of furniture or decor? What are its essential qualities?

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557 Responses

  1. Mary Ann Chulick says:

    An heirloom piece can be something that has passed down from other family members, for instance, my mother's beautiful cedar chest where she collected towels and other linens before her marriage, and which I now own. An heirloom can also be a beautiful piece owned by a modern-day person that will be treasured by future generations, such as the Venetian chest.

  2. Karen says:

    An heirloom to me is something that evokes a memory of my family and my history. It links me to family members i've known and those i've only heard about and reminds me of the love we have shared across the generations.

  3. Sharyl says:

    I think of an heirloom as something that is passed down from generation to generation. I have antique furniture from my great-grandmother's house that probably belonged to her parents too. I have fond memories of it in her house, so when I see it in my house everyday it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. These pieces are so special to me, I will never get rid of them.

  4. Pam says:

    Two words: Family & History :-)

  5. Lea81194 says:

    Simply beautiful…my grandmother before she passed away, had had an old washing board that I had given to me and oneday it broke. Heirlooms help to keep wonderful memories alive; we sure had many great memories.

  6. Christine Eckhardt says:

    An heirloom is filled with love, secrets and beauty handed down to a to a family member they know will appreciate it. (And keep the secrets!) lol

  7. Patricia Fulcher says:

    An heirloom must be of the utmost quality and workmanship. I purchased a grandfather clock with the money I received from a 32 year old brother's will. He died unexpectedly. His memory will be with this clock in generations to come.

  8. J Anderson says:

    something special that has been passed down through generations

  9. Hope says:

    A modern heirloom must have quality in construction, style, and color. It must have been meaningful in some way, as an art piece, a functuonality, or a percieved necessity. Beauty to its owner, is another, and perhaps most importat, atribute.

  10. tanya broadbent says:

    i think it can be new, with potential to be passed down (interesting story of acquisition, interesting story about the how and why of the piece, interesting lines, details etc) or old and passed down (see above reasons). I believe the story about a piece is key. This is a beautiful chest, and someone winning it would be an example of an interesting story.

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