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You know that sound you just heard? That’s the same sound I heard when I first laid eyes on this week’s Freebie Friday. My jaw hitting the ground. (I’m trying not to drool on my keyboard as I craft this post.)

Some of us are blessed to inherit a family heirloom passed down through generations. Others of us may have the opportunity to gift a loved one a newly made unique piece of handcrafted or couture-quality furniture that is an instant heirloom. Modern History furniture offers exquisitely designed modern antiques that are works of art and are guaranteed to become treasured additions to any family’s decor.

Decorated Venetian Chest - Modern HIstory - HGTV design blog freebie friday

This week, one lucky winner will receive Modern History’s Decorated Venetian Chest. For a chance to win this stunning piece, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, September 19.

This week’s question: Forget what the dictionary says, how do you define an heirloom piece of furniture or decor? What are its essential qualities?

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557 Responses

  1. sassygirlag says:

    An heirloom is something shared, passed down through generations.It may be oh so small or large. It's worth is a world of history. It's essential quality is love. It is yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  2. Susan Dwyer says:

    Heirloom is anything that has been has value to my family.By value I mean, important to my family and tells a story of our past, where we came from, so we know where we are going. On my mother's side, we have an apron that is almost 170 years old from Madrid, Spain. The apron is all hand stitched with beautiful flowers and leaves, very bright! Now, on my husband's side there is an old blanket that his father was wearing when he was airlifted out of Vietnam. Both of those items mean alot to our families.

  3. rozzypozzy says:

    Timeless is the first word that comes to mind. It is a piece which evokes memories of the past and present and thoughts of what future generations will think when using the piece in their home. Will they wonder who this belonged to, what did it mean to each person before them…just as I wonder about the hands which have lovingly touched my pieces and eyes which have gazed upon them.

  4. orderlyl says:

    For the love of Pete, is no such thing as "your DEFINition" unless you write a (proper) dictionary.

    "DEFINE" means to FIX or mark the limits of, to make distinct in outline, to determine the essential qualities or PRECISE meaning of. If you are unable to express yourself with the correct words, then don't blame the dictionary. The fault lies with you, and your vocabulary.

  5. orderlyl says:


  6. T.J. says:

    A loved, cherished, and passed down family piece is only one part of defining an heirloom. There is something more; a legacy that is important not just to members of a certain family, but also has meaning and importance within a society or culture. Like heirloom vegetables and flowers, an heirloom piece of furniture or décor is reliant upon a steward who uses the piece to link generations through an individual story.

  7. Carol Fry says:

    What's old is new again. Heirloom means treasure to me. A treasure that could have been in another family for years but now no longer wanted by a younger generation. One man's junk is another man's treasure. This is truly a treasure. We have a circa 200 year old house and have furnished it with things that once belonged to someone else and are now treasures / heirlooms to us and will hopefully be passed down the family. However, if not, someone will always come along with a keen eye for what will become their newly found treasure / heirloom to be enjoyed until the next "keeper" comes along.

  8. SHANNON says:

    WOW is all I can say. This is beautiful. Heirloom, what's that?? JK. I know what it is, but I don't believe we've ever had any in our family, at least on my mother's side. On my dad's side, I know there's an old antique stove that they would never ever part with. Perhaps due to a longing for the good ole' days. Now if I ever inherited this, it would be an heirloom to me.

  9. debi brock says:

    I would define an heirloom anything that has a history to it. whether you start one today or have one from the family, I like to get one item from the family, SOmething to cherish and hopefully pass on.

  10. Carli says:

    A simple, one of a kind creation. Heirloom might be to one but not another. I think the more creative and one of a kind a piece is, the more heirloom overall.

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