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You know that sound you just heard? That’s the same sound I heard when I first laid eyes on this week’s Freebie Friday. My jaw hitting the ground. (I’m trying not to drool on my keyboard as I craft this post.)

Some of us are blessed to inherit a family heirloom passed down through generations. Others of us may have the opportunity to gift a loved one a newly made unique piece of handcrafted or couture-quality furniture that is an instant heirloom. Modern History furniture offers exquisitely designed modern antiques that are works of art and are guaranteed to become treasured additions to any family’s decor.

Decorated Venetian Chest - Modern HIstory - HGTV design blog freebie friday

This week, one lucky winner will receive Modern History’s Decorated Venetian Chest. For a chance to win this stunning piece, answer this week’s question before 12/11c, Monday, September 19.

This week’s question: Forget what the dictionary says, how do you define an heirloom piece of furniture or decor? What are its essential qualities?

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557 Responses

  1. Hilary says:

    An heirloom is an item that has been given from one person to another or inherited. The item is of sentimental value and is highly valued, regardless of its net worth. I received the cookbook my mom got for a wedding shower gift in 1952. It was what we used growing up, my sister and I having spent many hours in the kitchen together trying out this and that. It's battered and torn, but it was my mom's, and she gave it to me. It is now my most treasured possession from her. It's an heirloom.

  2. crystal says:

    A heirloom is something I can pass down to my kids and maybe some day they will pass to there kids and so on. Also something that may have come from your great great grandparents. Heirloom to me is love,giving,sharing,life and everything we need to keep the one before us live in our life's.

  3. Snazzymama says:

    An heirloom is a family treasure handed down through the generations.

  4. mary beth brazzell says:

    thistreasure would look lovely in my bedroom

  5. lana says:

    An heirloom is a piece of furniture that is loved for any reason that makes it important to you.

  6. sheila droneburg says:

    A heirloom could most any thing to ones eye but it must be loved by the one who holds on to it most of all….

  7. Tricia A says:

    I would define an heirloom piece as something that has history and heart and speaks of your family tree. It might not be worth a dime, but it means something invaluable to you and /or your family. I have so many items like this and they all speak to my heart and soul. There is nothing new or modern that can replace these!!!

  8. Bobbie Green says:

    An heirloom is something that has been loved and cared for by generation after generation. It tells a story of love and adventure. The pride that everyone had in that piece, is shown in the condition it is in. Love has many faces for different people. We all love certain things and it will show in the way you treat it. So heirlooms are things of love, tthat are passed on to other generations.

  9. lchapman9266 says:

    I would define an heirloom piece of furniture as something that has been through many yrs of family memories…My grandmother had a bed that she received from her great great grandmother and she has passed it down to me…I will always treasure this piece and would never sell it…I will pass it down to my child…

  10. Melissa P says:

    A heirloom is a piece of furniture or belonging that has some special character about it. It may have be worth a lot of money or it may be worth nothing more than great memories past down from one generation to the next. Most heirloom pieces are priceless to the owner.

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