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One Model Management asked us to design an inspiring apartment that would be used temporarily by different models during their time in New York. The apartment was a white box to begin with, but once we got our hands on it, it wasn’t that way for long!

The kitchen was very open but lacked proper storage. To remedy that, we headed to the Bowery in Manhattan — a street known for its restaurant supply stores — and purchased an industrial kitchen cart. The cart acts as an island for cooking as well as storage for pots and pans.

novogratz model kitchen

Our main objective was to create an inviting environment for the models. Most of the girls staying in the apartment don’t know each other and have come to New York City from all over the world. To personalize the space, we created amazing custom wallpaper with Flavor Paper. The wallpaper is a collage of head-shots of all the models at the agency interspersed with blue flowers. You can do this with your own photos to make truly unique wallpaper. The design can be created from a mix of different photos or one over-sized photo. Try it!

novogratz model headshot wallpaper

We really went crazy with wallpaper and brought in different patterns, all in the same blue color family for the bedrooms to really tie the whole apartment together and make it cohesive.

novogratz flavor paper wallpaper

46 Responses

  1. zone7north says:

    Love your use of artists in design. The pictures were fab. The wallpaper, not so much. Those bedrooms were such a loser. So Cortney, ask yourself, would you want to spend the night in either bedroom?

  2. Sonny says:

    I love the black and white Print (painting?) above the dining table. Where is it from?

  3. Cindy says:

    I don't know who thought you guys had style, but this last show (model's place) proved my first inclination. There's no color in the room, no where to to put down a beverage (no side tables or coffee table in the sitting area). The kitchen is completely bare outside of the three huge no use items on the island. The bedrooms look no different than before except you threw a pillow on the bed. And what is with the lamps?! They're below the arm of the sofa and instead of a head board you have a floor height table and lamp? At the head of the bed? How do you read or see anything above 2 1/2 feet in the entire apartment? If wall art/murals are all you have to offer (which is all I've seen that's remotely inventive); well, anybody can do that. Your rooms are not functional or comfortable; stuff is in weird places, like you had a left over chair and just stuck it against the wall ( the show with the BIG chandelier). Honestly, you guys are horrid. I'll ask again: who do you know? "Cause your amateur design flat sucks.

    • Lebaron says:

      Cindy its clear you are lacking substance and style. Its a minimalist space for tenants who will spend little time the apartment. The space is meant to remain open while being flecked with color. Take a second a look and i think your eyes will see the style you missed

      • Hipsterly says:

        it's a good thing they'll spend little time in the apartment because 5 minutesin that dumpwould make me go homicidal!

  4. Harriet says:

    Where did you purchase the crystal chandelier. It's very interesting.

  5. Kim Davis says:

    This last show definitely proved the point that the Novogratz's know how to spend a lot of money, but don't know how to style a room. This apartment was disgraceful, and the other shows they've done haven't been any better.

  6. Tiana says:

    OK I liked their show "9 by Design" on Bravo but unfortunately this show just isn't good. As many have said they seem to do a photo mural on every episode which makes them come off as a one trick pony. I think the problem is they know what they like but seem to have difficulty "getting" what other people may like and can live with on a daily basis. The designs are just not functional for real life.. more like a photo shoot. Also the camera interaction seems so forced. If HGTV wants to keep them on the network they should consider adopting a similar format as "9 by design" let them just be themselves and forget trying to teach us something. I do love that they showcase New York resources.

  7. Tiana says:

    Oh and that one little couch for 4 people? Seriously?

  8. Moonbeam says:

    Yes, once again I tried to like this show. And for a short while near the beginning of it I began to get a little excited at some of the ideas they were coming up with. But once again, most of those ideas didn't seem to go together. I could probably do a better job just by selecting used items for sale on craigslist at a fraction of the price. Rather than expensive art pieces, how about doing some home made art like Emily Henderson did tonight that actually looked great, or by some used art pieces from a flea market, and use the money saved to get headboards for those pathetic looking beds. Nice bedding, but those poor girls cannot even sit up in bed to read. Who puts a table at the head of the bed and not beside it? Do they have to reach up over their heads backwards to even sip a drink they might put next to their beds? And why do you need custom wallpaper when you don't even have headboards? Why not just some creatively painted walls? And that sofa? Too small and a rug thrown on the floor near it that doesn't seem to match anything. And why not a larger table. It's hard to cram four people at that table. I'm beginning to wonder if part of their income is coming from the artists and other vendors to whom they give publicity on their show. I see no reason to buy art from galleries, custom wallpaper, etc., rather than furnishing a room with adequate furniture logically placed and coordinated.

  9. Kate says:

    HGTV's shows have been going downhill for awhile and the Novogratz's show is just another bad decision by HGTV.

  10. Marisol says:

    Yes, this was my favorite channel UNTILL I noticed that you TOO are having REALITY SHOWS like the HANDYMAN and others. Please….please……keep it the way you have it. TV IS NOT FUN ANYMORE……….

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