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One Model Management asked us to design an inspiring apartment that would be used temporarily by different models during their time in New York. The apartment was a white box to begin with, but once we got our hands on it, it wasn’t that way for long!

The kitchen was very open but lacked proper storage. To remedy that, we headed to the Bowery in Manhattan — a street known for its restaurant supply stores — and purchased an industrial kitchen cart. The cart acts as an island for cooking as well as storage for pots and pans.

novogratz model kitchen

Our main objective was to create an inviting environment for the models. Most of the girls staying in the apartment don’t know each other and have come to New York City from all over the world. To personalize the space, we created amazing custom wallpaper with Flavor Paper. The wallpaper is a collage of head-shots of all the models at the agency interspersed with blue flowers. You can do this with your own photos to make truly unique wallpaper. The design can be created from a mix of different photos or one over-sized photo. Try it!

novogratz model headshot wallpaper

We really went crazy with wallpaper and brought in different patterns, all in the same blue color family for the bedrooms to really tie the whole apartment together and make it cohesive.

novogratz flavor paper wallpaper

46 Responses

  1. WLc says:

    When I saw the promo for your show I was thrilled that I would get to see some "New York " style from a different perspective, i.e., affordable family living. All in all, I've been waiting for the family style to show up. With the exception of your country house (outside space) I haven't seen it yet. Also, I completely get that artists have an "artistic eye" with a view to the eclectic BUT has the artist in your recent "model apartment" segment gone so dry with ideas for design that he has to help himself to one of the most revered Christian symbols and denegrate it? I'm speaking of the print of Mary. If he is so dedicated to his design why doesn't he do one of Mohammed? No guts, no glory???? WLC

  2. comfy-haus says:

    I'm sorry but there's no place for 4 leggy models to 'crash' and watch TV. The bongo drum sofa is horrid!

  3. Becky in 'Bama says:

    so I guess until the episodes run out HGTV can't just pull the plug on this lame program? I know they tout "there are no rules" – but unfortunately there ARE rules and just saying there aren't doesn't make them go away. If you pay $$ for a design/room overhaul you kind of expect things like: real furniture (not a woolly Mammoth love seat), bedside tables that serve a purpose, a coffee table that is useful, artwork that the average person can appreciate – I'll stop for fear of redundancy from other writers.

  4. Moonbeam says:

    Bravo again, Becky in 'Bama! There are indeed rules, like giving people their money's worth in design, instead of promoting and publicizing select artists and custom vendors and then leaving the rest of the spaces woefully underfurnished, which seems to happen too often on this show. I personally do not need art appreciation lessons from the Novogratz, nor did the models need art appreciation lessons — they needed a comfortable home with practical and thoughtfully placed furnishings. If I want to study art, I have fabulous museums here in L.A. for that. I watch design shows for interior design, of which artwork is usually only a small part of the budget. It should not be so expensive that the rest of the space is left looking underfurnished and cheap looking. Nor are custom wallpaper, rugs, or custom anything else necessary, not if it means sacrificing attractive, properly sized and placed furnishings. I don't know why I even keep trying to like these people and this show; I am fast losing respect for them. I would have been ashamed to present such an apartment to my clients if I were a designer.

  5. Moonbeam says:

    Can you just imagine what the judges would have said about this apartment if it had been done by one of the contestants on Design Star??? From what I've seen on past Design Star evaluations, I think they would have shredded it. I felt almost as sorry for these models as I did for that little boy when Kellie didn't give him his bunk beds on the HGTV'd Design Star episode a few weeks ago. At least he did later receive the bunk beds and locker he wanted. I wonder if the models ever got enough comfortable seating and tables in their living room, or beds they could sit up in and read, with nightstands that were actually high enough to hold a lamp they could read by or on which they could place a glass of water for the night. I guess they are supposed to just reach backwards over their heads if they want a sip of water, or sit up in bed and twist completely around? I've seen college dorm rooms that looked much more comfortable than that apartment.

  6. Moonbeam says:

    @ Pam! How right you are. I become so exasperated when Cortney walks into a room they are in the process of designing or have designed and seems so pleased with how things look. Conversely, I'm usually stunned at the results and not in a good way.

  7. Caroline says:

    Where can I find that two-tiered kitchen island?

  8. Moonbeam says:

    I liked the kitchen island, but that space could have used a longer one, still on wheels but with storage on one side and on the other side facing the living room a little shelf overhang with barstools beneath for extra seating. I think even Jodi did one on For Rent in one of the episodes (or maybe it was one of the other design shows). One can do useful things like that when one has not overspent on unnecessarily high-end art in an apparent attempt to promote certain artists rather than teach good overall design to the viewing audience. Or maybe the art and other custom things like wallpaper are donated for promotional purposes and used to make up for an inadequate budget for the other furnishings? Just wondering. But why then do HGTV's other design shows not seem to have that problem? Even Design On A Dime results usually look more cohesive and finished IMO. I really miss Myles of Style, too.

  9. Moonbeam says:

    Come to think of it, I would love to see what Jodi from For Rent would have done in that apartment with only the $1,000 she's usually given. She's so creative.

  10. Nancy Monborne says:

    I love this show, people, dont be haters, they have there own flair. They think outside of the box. I liked the wallpapers, and the clean lines in bedroom. Why does everything have to be the same and expensive. I like that they bring other artists into there show.

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