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My French is a little rusty (I took Spanish in high school, okay?), but from what I can gather from the Marie Claire Maison site, this wild little number is a custom fuchsia sink in architect Anne Geistdoerfer’s Parisian loft. I love how it’s all “business on the top, party on the inside.”

hot pink sinkPhoto: Nicolas Mathéus

All I can say is that if Anne Geistdoerfer ever invited me over for a meal, I would totally volunteer to do the dishes afterward. Too cute!

What do you think? Is the hot hidden hue a fun idea? Or are you not tickled by this pink?


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  1. Moonbeam says:

    I love it! However, my former landlord who lives in the Hollywood Hills has a bright red sink, and his real estate agent said it will lower the value of his house about $10,000. I personally liked it, and I like the pink above one even more.

  2. haine dama says:

    Great. Looks awesome

  3. That sink is adorable. I love pink, has a great effect

  4. MizzyD says:

    You know what would be even more cool? One whose colour you could change, i.e. it's caused by a lighting backdrop rather than the actual material. That way I can have pink when I'm washing the sink, then flick a switch and the bf gets silver, or green, or whatever color he wants. Saves freaking out potential buyers too!

  5. Lili@HGTV says:

    I have never seen a colored sink that I liked, but this takes the cake! I love it. I think the fact that there's no lip on the sink makes a huge difference. Great find!

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  7. Beth Mitchell says:

    I love it, my favorite color! The party sink is a great idea!

  8. Chickie says:

    Color me pink! I love this one oooh la la.

  9. lovingtheblues says:

    I love it. U have to live in your house so use the color you like. When it comes to resale time you change it or let a pink lover buy it. I don't design for the future buyer, I design for me as I have to live with it. Now if it was mine it would be blue!

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