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Gardening may be tough for me, but for designer Sebastian Bergne, it’s child’s play. Literally. Behold this fully-functional greenhouse he constructed from LEGO bricks!

lego greenhousePhoto: Tafline Laylin

Bergne was tasked by LEGO UK to assemble the hothouse for the 2011 London Design Festival, and though it took an astounding number (approximately 100,000!) of translucent and brown blocks, it has me wondering if I could build a box for some veggies and flowers. Hmm. Perhaps I’ll just try a store-bought terrarium first. Still can’t believe your eyes? Check out Inhabitat for more cool shots of the structure.

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  1. Dani Collins says:

    This LEGO Greenhouse invites such a spirit of play to its design! What a cool way to introduce both the youg and old to gardeing-or to simply a fun day with LEGOS.

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  3. Furniture Quest says:

    I've never been a LEGO nut, but this greenhouse is too cool. I have a whole new respect for LEGOs!

  4. marie4brc says:

    why people of color never picked as a winner in the HGTV home giveaway?.

  5. krista says:

    How cool! I wonder how big you could actually make that thing. I guess for a backyard you would really need something more substantial than LEGOS, but the idea is nice for a table top. It would be a fun way to get a kid interested in plants and gardening. <a href="http://www.greatgardenguru.com” target=”_blank”>www.greatgardenguru.com

  6. Freeperson says:

    I would imagine that it costs more to build this greenhouse of Legos than it would to build a greenhouse of REAL materials. But it would be fun to try to say the least.

  7. sydney says:

    a woman of color did when, she was new oleans…..she won the house in arizona

  8. Jonathan Miranda says:

    That is awesome! Check out this site for some more information on Greenhouse:

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