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Did you catch Anna’s Color of the Month post for September? Your response to indigo was really positive. Readers called it calming, pretty, lovely, organic and many more flattering adjectives. Indigo falls somewhere between blue and violet and is named after a dye used in India and other countries around the world. When it comes to entertaining with indigo, finding inspiration gets quite a bit harder. I have personally never used this color for a party, but after my research, I think it would be beautiful for a dinner party or wedding.

sources :: plate, placemat, coasters, tea towel

What I did find, was that you often see gorgeous intricate patterns paired with items of this color, as seen above in the plate and tea towel.

While searching Etsy, I spotted a few handmade paper items including a heart garland, journal and gift tags. Aren’t they gorgeous?

sources: flower pinhair clips, clutch, dress

Finding hostess clothing and accessory inspiration in indigo wasn’t difficult. A fresh pair of jeans would fit right in, too.

Have you ever incorporated indigo into a party or event? I would love to see how it turned out!

Tell me in the comments below.


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19 Responses

  1. Lori H says:

    I would definitely use Indigo! Lets face it the Blues are back in!
    Love the flower pin & heart garland!!

  2. Lisa says:

    I really like the indigo colors. I think an indigo and white theme would make a very lovely and elegant dinner party, with a few hints of dark red, or tea party with a few hints of pale yellow, or a sophisticated bridal shower. I don't think it has to be relegated to nautical themes only, either.

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  4. thechicadeeshop@etsy says:

    I am loving Indigo! I just designed my living room in Indigo, mustard, and orange. I am so excited! I love this post thank you, I will head over to Etsy for the heart garland. :)

  5. Cynthia says:

    This is the third house where we have painted our dining room walls dark indigo. We have white and silver accents–a white chair rail, silver/pewter chandelier, large silver mirror, etc. Our china is white with pewter and blue border and we usually use a white linen tablecloth. The combination of blue, white and silver is beautiful–especially at Christmas. We put a tree in the dining room with white lights and blue and silver ornaments.
    LOVE indigo!

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  7. PickledParlor says:

    Such a lovely group of items. I feel so blessed to have my heart garland featured on your blog. Thank you!

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