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Growing up, the first thrill and chill of Halloween was when my mother brought decorations down from the attic, and the first to go up was a set of glow-in-the-dark giant paper skeletons my brother and I would hang on our bedroom doors, their bony arms and legs posed however we liked. To get our Design Happens readers ready for October 31st, we’re giving away four Fridays of awesomely frightful Halloween decorations from Grandin Road.

Grandin Road - HGTV Freebie Fridays

This week’s prize is their Animated Halloween Haunted Magic Mirror. It looks like an elegant mirror from a haunted castle, even more so when you step in front of it…

mirror with ghoul halloween freebie fridays giveway hgtv

…that’s when a ghoulish apparition appears! This ghastly reaper moves and talks, begging to be let our of his reflective lair.

Grandin Road wants one lucky Design Happens winner to take home this Halloween mirror. To be entered for a chance to win this super cool and creepy Halloween decoration, simply leave us a comment in the field below before 12/11c Monday, August 26.

This week’s question: When you pull out your Halloween decorations, what goes up first?

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454 Responses

  1. MJH says:

    We put up orange lights on the two columns in front of the house. It really brightens everything!

  2. rebeccabidel says:

    Okay so I started to decorate yesteday and my Black Cat came up missing….very rude of him to run away just when I need him to complete the scene!!

  3. samc says:

    The autumn colored leaf garland is the first Halloween decoration to go up. As the holiday gets closer I add skulls, black cats & pumpkins.

  4. Minnen says:

    I put it all up at once. I like the "overnight haunted house" result. We have a lot of big stuff from the Scare Factory because my husband knows somoene who works there and lots of other scary stuff. I loved being scared as a kid and I try to return the favor on Halloween. : )

  5. Gayle Stanley says:

    The pumpkins go up first…they represent fall and stay up for the whole season.

  6. Jonathon says:

    I love the mirror. That would be great for our annual Halloween block party. I like decorating the house with fall colors and leaf garland.

  7. Marilee Scott says:

    The 7' coffin for the front picture window is the first thing we put up. Then we place Beetlejuice and his headless bride, the preacher and all of their ghoulish friends. The mirror would be a totally cool addition to the setting.

  8. Valdemagra says:

    The first Halloween decorations I pull out are my stash of costumes. This year I'll be Medusa, so perhaps I can recycle some older costumes to build the new one! I'll need lots of SNAKES!! As for decorating the house, I start collecting pumpkins for the porch…

  9. Ron Miller says:

    door and window sticky's

  10. Dwayne says:

    The first thing that I put up is my mini tomb-stone lamps. But I always keep a skull lamp out year round. Then later the candy gets placed around the apartment.

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