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babakul store light sign

Kym Gold, the owner of a great women’s clothing line, Babakul, contacted us to design her first shop located inside the iconic Fred Segal store in Santa Monica. We jumped at the opportunity to work in a city we love as much as Los Angeles.

clothing shelves babakul

Inspired by the beach and landscape in LA, we pulled natural elements into the design of the store. We accomplished this through the use of a lot of natural woods. We also looked at the design aesthetic of the clothing as a cue to what the store should look like, which was very girly but with an edge.

babakul interior

The space itself was very large, with an industrial feeling. We wanted to respect that but also cozy it up. The custom Debbie Harry piece by Ann Carrington really added some interest to the space, while the sweet antique chandeliers added some feminine charm. We think this store is a great showcase of how it’s ok to mix different elements in one room.

debbie harry art babakul

We made an intimate library area to warm up the space with a rug and some crazy vintage Philippe Stark chairs. It’s definitely a great shopping tactic to have a cool hangout for the husbands, boyfriends and kids to chill out while the women shop!

19 Responses

  1. Ashling says:

    Great design, but who makes that dress Courtney was wearing , blue Chevronish?.

  2. Moonbeam says:

    Loved the Debbie Harry art piece and the chairs, but would have put an ottoman or two in addition. Just two chairs is not enough if you want to create seating in a library corner like that. Good idea with the library corner, though — just need more places to sit if you're going to have one. Like the lit-up letters spelling the store name, but one chandelier is hung so low it blocks part of it. Overall, I like this more than most of their work I've seen on HGTV. I live nearby, so I may go in there to see it in person. It did have a very L.A. look.

  3. Moonbeam says:

    Upon watching the re-run later tonight, I realized there was additional seating after all: a comfy looking sofa. I posted above that the two chairs next to the bookshelves was not enough seating, but didn't see that sofa until I watched the show over again.

  4. I loved the cherub chandelier! Home By Novogratz is one of my favorite new shows…I love to see how you combine elements and make them work together!

  5. pecan1980 says:

    I did not like these hosts on Bravo and I do not like them on HGTV – it focuses too much on the Novogratz's lives instead of the design. But thanks to this show, I caught an episode of Dina's party which follows this one and now I am hooked! It is a much more friendlier, relatable show.

  6. elizabeth traub says:

    Retail store layouts, that make sense and are functional are hard enough, then to add the design elements making it all work…whew. You guys did an awesome job. I felt like I was going shopping with you and really enjoyed the show. Was not so sure how the side job and the outdoor seating for a friend tied in. I would much rather have seen more of the scoop on putting together that amazing showroom, but forgiven.

  7. Moonbeam says:

    @Pecan: Yes, Dina did a good job. I usually am not interested in party planning, but she is so good at it that she really creates a total atmosphere. So I ended up liking it more than I expected. And Donna decorates Dallas was good, too. I liked what I all her "romantic gothic" look she gave the client's bedroom and bathroom. As for Novogratz, this week was the only one of their shows I even half-way liked, but can't imagine myself ever becoming a fan. I tried and tried to like them, but I believe that even I have more talent yet still wouldn't feel qualified enough to take people's money to do it professionally. There are so many Design Star contestants over the years with whom I was more impressed, and even those were eliminated and not given a show.

  8. Georgeanne J. Ingram says:

    They wear me out with their assignments and their busy home life but of course they always pull it together at the end. I love eclectic design and they are the poster children for the style and take it one step further with an edge. I guess it is the Novogratz edge or the New York edge. Almost a cold edge but not quite, with almost too empty spaces, but again, not quite. Just enough stuff to warm up the spaces, barely. I guess with tight budgets and high New York or big city prices to deal with. All in all, I love the couple. They are grown up hippies, I love it.

  9. Marsha Claytor says:

    This was so awesome. The Debbie Harry piece was unbelieveable. I want to travel from TX to this store just to look at it in person.

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