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Let’s face it. David Bromstad is booked SOLID. He’s not coming over to redesign my living room, like … ever. And for all you Design Star fanatics, I know you’re going through some David withdrawals. You miss seeing him behind that table, huh? Well, I have a solution to this dilemma. You can have a piece of David’s creativity in your home all year round, between seasons of Color Splash: Miami and Design Star. David is now offering high-quality prints of his one-of-a-kind artwork that includes those gorgeous, original pieces created for his Color Splash clients, plus new paintings from his private collection. And you know what’s even better? You can buy his artwork right here at HGTV.com! Here are my top five fave pieces. Go through and pick your favorites and must-haves, too. (Number four on my list is definitely an eye-catching piece, yeah?)

David Bromstaid Color Splash Miami Artwork Design Blog HGTVStamped #1, Stamped #2

David Bromstad Artwork Color Splash Miami Design Blog HGTVCattails

David Bromstad Artwork Color Splash Miami HGTV Design Happens BlogAccident #1

David Bromstad Artwork Color Splash Miami HGTV Design Happens Blog Pucker Up!

David Bromstad Artwork Color Splash Miami HGTV Design Happens BlogCoocoo

So, tell me fellow Bromstad fanatics, do you plan on exercising extreme patience and holding out for David and his Color Splash team to (fingers-crossed) knock on your door so you can charm him for an original piece? Or do you plan on picking out a variety of prints like me?

Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. vicki gregory says:

    LOVE David but wish he would come back to northern California, I do not like Color Splash Miami, really miss Ian and Danielle, the 3 of them made such a great team and an enjoyable show, the team he has now doesn't have their personality which made his show so GREAT! I always love whatever or whereever his art went but love the nature scenes the most. Please come back, I miss you,,,,,,

  2. Kyle Matsik says:

    Not only is David the most unique and truly fabulous designer, but his artwork is a true slice of himself. I am really impressed with the artwork and would pay dearly for a piece. His is a new-day Picasso. Kuddos David I can only imagine what joy anyone would get from a David design:>)

  3. Judi V says:

    Love his artwork, wish he would come to our home. I just have no idea how to put a room together. I miss Danielle, Ian and David! Wishing Danielle and Ian could do a show together!

  4. Suzanne says:

    I agree with the person wanting David to re-unite with Ian and Danniel. They were such a great team. However I would watch David where ever he went because I love his creative work. Oh how I wish he would knock on my door and fix my mess.

  5. Carol says:

    Can't wait for Color Splash anywhere to come back on, it's too long between seasons. This is one show they should NEVER take off. I too miss Danielle and Ian but his new team is cute, although David doesn't quite have the same rapor with his new carpenter that he had with Ian, the new carpenter seems too stuffy and proper for the show.

  6. Irma says:

    I have been a fan since day one. Love the artwork and his creativity. Not caring for the Miami team, to giddy or stiff definitely not Danielle and Ian. Their personalities just clicked.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Was hoping i'd see him in SW FL somewhere so i could invite him over for a room do-over. We moved here from WI in 2008 and i'm trying, but…let's just say i could use a little help – ha! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the seascapes, scallop, "accidents", cattails. You are a genius, David! Please come visit us in Estero – we're not that far away! :-)

  8. AJGarces says:

    I definitely catch Color Splash and the Miami version whenever I can, even the reruns! David is one of my favorites on HGTV and his Artwork is fabulous! He is an exceptional Interior Designer and Fine Artist, to boot. I especially love his style for painting. As an artist myself,, his inspiration gets me back to that drawing table, quite often. Thanks so much David B. and HGTV for being my greatest Art and Design inspirations!

  9. susan says:

    just viewed davids pics for sale. not any my favorites. would rather have his landscapes from earlier days. am like many other viewers and miss the beginning shows with danielle and ian. they just had the best team. miami team just doesnt make me real excited, altho i do like some of his room designs and colors. he has been the backbone for HGTV and the design star group. others who have won have done great jobs and i enjoy their shows, but david stands out by far the best.

  10. Linda Oliver says:

    David is the best!!! I commented over the weekend with " Imagine if David Bromstad had not came to Design Star. Look at all we would have missed." I love all his shows, Miami and Splash and I do watch them repeatedly. Keep it up David. Everyone loves your work and your personality.

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