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Let’s face it. David Bromstad is booked SOLID. He’s not coming over to redesign my living room, like … ever. And for all you Design Star fanatics, I know you’re going through some David withdrawals. You miss seeing him behind that table, huh? Well, I have a solution to this dilemma. You can have a piece of David’s creativity in your home all year round, between seasons of Color Splash: Miami and Design Star. David is now offering high-quality prints of his one-of-a-kind artwork that includes those gorgeous, original pieces created for his Color Splash clients, plus new paintings from his private collection. And you know what’s even better? You can buy his artwork right here at HGTV.com! Here are my top five fave pieces. Go through and pick your favorites and must-haves, too. (Number four on my list is definitely an eye-catching piece, yeah?)

David Bromstaid Color Splash Miami Artwork Design Blog HGTVStamped #1, Stamped #2

David Bromstad Artwork Color Splash Miami Design Blog HGTVCattails

David Bromstad Artwork Color Splash Miami HGTV Design Happens BlogAccident #1

David Bromstad Artwork Color Splash Miami HGTV Design Happens Blog Pucker Up!

David Bromstad Artwork Color Splash Miami HGTV Design Happens BlogCoocoo

So, tell me fellow Bromstad fanatics, do you plan on exercising extreme patience and holding out for David and his Color Splash team to (fingers-crossed) knock on your door so you can charm him for an original piece? Or do you plan on picking out a variety of prints like me?

Tell us in the comments below.

And remember, Christmas isn’t too far away. These are great gift ideas for HGTV fans.


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  1. Judy T. says:

    David is a breath of fresh air. He has personality & talent. Does anyone know if Color Splash is coming back on? 11/16/12

  2. Dotti Hannum says:

    How about David designing for a retired couple in MI?
    We love color, love David's work, and it is time that he designed a comfortable spot for old folks! Pick any room or more…..
    retired teacher

  3. Debbie says:

    Repaint it girlfriend, I bought a 4 poster bed at a garage sale for 75.00. I took it home and painted it black..put a white down comforter on it…bought pillows with large black & white french strips…a couple with french lettering. I have had so many compliments..i love it. Good luck Kristi

  4. Debbie says:

    David…you out there ?? PLEASE EMAIL….debsnest1@hotmail….I need you

  5. Jeri says:

    David—–where are you—-HGTV is not the same without you—-AND—-where are Danielle & Ian—–You all were such a great team

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  8. ihevbwyj says:

    ihevbwyj excellente qualité des articles excellente adresse.. RA-VIE!!

  9. Kelly R says:

    Would love to own the horse painting he did. Love you David so talented.

  10. ray ban 8305 says:

    les bordures sont faits de cordes noires. On peut voir le tissu avec des imprimés à fleur. On remarque toujours l’originalité du créateur dans les couleurs flashy.

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