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I hope you’re still following along after last week’s embarrassing divulgement, because again, here we are with another project that should have been completed light years ago. You remember our siding project last summer, yes? And how we had big plans to paint the exterior, build window boxes and build a modern pergola on our front porch?

We had good intentions. We did. Earlier this spring, we opted to wait until the rainy season had passed before we tackled any outside projects. And then summer arrived, and it was too hot for manual labor (or anything, for that matter!). Of course, now that we’re entering autumn, we’re fresh out of excuses and are finally forced to tackle the most important exterior project of all: painting the aluminum siding.

Why so important, you might ask? Exhibit A:

Exterior Paint Makeover- Erin Loechner

Why yes, that is a giant spray-painted star on the left side of our home. Faded a bit. But it's there.

I can’t blame the kid who thought it would be awesome to spray paint the side of an abandoned home a few years ago. Maybe he ran out of paper? I’m not one to judge. I am, however, one to apologize to our neighbors near-weekly for the periwinkle star they are forced to gaze upon daily. (Hi, Bob!)

So, consider this a community outreach project of sorts. By painting the exterior of our home, we’re giving back to our neighbors and friends in the name of aesthetic holiness. Right? Right.

I’ll digress. There really was no good reason for us to drag our feet on this project, because it was surprisingly easy. Ken convinced me years ago that we needed to invest in a paint sprayer, and (as much as I hate to admit it) he was absolutely correct. We’ve used that sweet little paint sprayer (not-so-aptly named Herman) more times than I can count. We even wrote a song for him. It’s called “Oh, Herman.”

I’ll digress, again. Because we used fiber cement siding on the front siding of our home, the color was super hard to match. And although Ken fought hard to paint the sides of the house white for a stark contrast, my rigid instincts won and we found a close match that would ensure our exterior is as uniform as possible:

Exterior Paint Makeover- Erin Loechner

Our winner? Rugged Suede.

I fell hard for the color we chose, as it just seemed to be the only color that was up to the challenge. I don’t allow just any hue to grace the side of my home, especially when it has an important assignment to mask the remnants of a neighborhood graffiti raid.

Want to see how it turned out? I’ll give you a hint: AWESOME.

Exterior Paint Makeover- Erin Loechner

Our uniformly gray home!

I realize it’s a tad shady in the above photo, but you get the idea, yes? And more importantly, you can clearly see that the star has dimmed its shining light for good. Twinkle, twinkle no more!

(You’re welcome, Bob.)

What about you, friends? Any last minute projects you’re fighting to complete before the weather turns colder?

Tell me in the comments below. (And stay tuned for our sunroom progress in a few weeks!)

14 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    Seeding my lawn!

  2. whistlerpotpie says:

    Tell us more about your paint sprayer, Herman! What brand? Do you love it? Would you change anything about it? We have a lot of paint projects waiting for a sprayer….this might be the nudge we need!

  3. Briana@HGTV says:

    The results are great, but I really feel like I need to hear this whole Herman song…

  4. erin loechner says:

    @whistlerpotpie – The paint sprayer is AMAZING. It's a Graco LTS15 and we love it!!! We could've handled the next model up for the exterior job b/c it's so thick, but it sprayed all interior paint (even the enamel) flawlessly! :)

  5. erin loechner says:

    @briana – Here's a snippet:

    "Herman, oh Herman – you make us smile indeed.
    Herman, oh Herman – you give us what we need.
    When skies are gray, you paint them blue and we've got nothing without youuuuuuuuuu….
    Herman, oh Herman – you're a friend indeed."

  6. MizzyD says:

    Last minute projects? Try….prime and paint the new siding (we had various bits and pieces replaced), clean the gutters, Weed & Feed the lawn, plant the bulbs, wash the windows (to maximise winter light) paint the trim in the new living room window (it's been 6 months) paint the mudroom (drywall work was done 2 months ago) and finish staining the last 100 ft of the new cedar fence.

    All this on top of full time jobs and part time bachelor degrees!

    Loved the recommendation re paint sprayer, thinking of getting one as we have still to paint 1/2 the outside of the house (only did 1/2 this summer) and all of the basement.

  7. marie doricent says:

    like to paint my kitchen with amber wave around and easten amber on one side of the wall. please help, like to know if it will match

  8. erin loechner says:

    @MizzyD Oh you must! It really is the handiest of tools. :)

  9. Earlene Hillard says:

    I don't know who to write, but please pass this along:
    I live in the Dallas area. WE LOVE OUR POPCORN CEILINGS AND TEXTURED WALLS! Stop making fun of this. I would say that every house in Dallas has these features and WE LIKE POPCORN CEILINGS! I would hate a flat ugly wall and flat ceiling. All the new houses in this area have these features. I used to be a real estate agent and I have seen the inside of hundreds of houses.
    Stop making us look stupid!

  10. Earlene Hillard says:

    Whjy don't you show the beautiful new houses in Dallas for $150K to $250K that sell for $500K and $600K in other big cities?
    If you want a beautiful house with high front entrances, overlook balconies, and every other exciting feature, find a job in Dallas (easier than you think) and enjoy!

    I love your show==finding houses for people–especially the ones overseas. I've seen just about every type of house there is in the USA–used to be agent. Thanks for putting the agent in a good light even if she shows a house over buget or is totally wrong.

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