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Chris, your guess came the closest in answering yesterday’s “What the…?” I could definitely use one of these Francisco Gomez Paz designed Omero racks to help me organize my overflowing pile magazines that will soon include the premiere issue of HGTV Magazine that’s hitting newsstands on October 4th. (BTW, you can click here to start your subscription to HGTV Magazine.)

Design Happens - What the - Omero Magazine Rack

Do you have a cool way for storing your favorite magazines? Or do you cut and paste them into mood boards until there is nothing left?

Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. Briana@HGTV says:

    I never would have guessed this, but it's so cool! I think i need one for my desk. It's turning into a newsstand lately. :)

  2. KIM THOMAS says:

    dear hgtv, all i watch are the hgtv show's,,mike holmes , yard crashers,and of course the vacation one. would love to be on the vacation program my wife and have been married for 35 years. and we have never had a vacation with our three kid's and their family's . 8 all togetheer. would like nothing better than to go on a vacation with all my children and my grandkids some wher great. they would love it seeing hjow none of them can really afford it right now anyway.please help one of you;re greatest fans.KIM THOMAS.

  3. Lori says:

    Shut up! That's a cool little contraption. My favorite magazine holder I got from Crate and Barrel outlet about ten years ago. The magazines hang on their binding horizontally, kind of like how libraries used to hang the daily newspaper over rods. It isn't the best for magazines long term, though. The internet is taking over my hobby life and slowly wedges out my need (but not my want) for print magazines. I'll probably keep this magazine rack forever, though.

    Tjhis commented proofread by. LORI. if you;re going to handout vacations. i want one two.

  4. Mary Wiseman says:

    Ok, my guess was way off….I'm loving this invention! I wonder if they make one small size for desk notes and business cards?

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  7. [...] Answer to “What the…?” A Place for My HGTV Magazine [...]

  8. Artie says:

    What month are you on for your HGTV magazine. I haven't heard since February and before that November. When was the last issue?

  9. Nancy Molendi says:

    When will the magazine be sent to subscribers? I''ve sent in payment, but its been months and still no magazine. I am very excited about getting this. Thanks

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