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This week we worked on an apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey for two young guys in their first “real” apartment after college. We wanted to give them something both youthful and sophisticated.

novogratz in hoboken bachelor pad

The apartment was pretty much a blank slate before we got our hands on it. The first thing we did was go wild with paint. Paint offers so many amazing alternatives—let your imagination be your guide! For a playful twist, we decided to paint diagonal stripes in Casa Blue and Surfboard Yellow from our new paint line with Stark. Next, we decided to lacquer the piano in high gloss white to make it really pop against the stripes, hung colorful lights and vintage sign letters to spell out LUNCH on their kitchen wall. This seemed like an appropriate word for two boys!

hoboken living room

Michael DeFeo, a super-talented artist, created some really fun paintings of different animals. Overall, we really made a bold statement in this place by playing with paint in unexpected ways.

hoboken striped walls and piano

49 Responses

  1. Larossa says:

    I really think they are amazing with a fresh aesthetic. I continually look for their past designs for ideas. Look at color plays, a modern look is easy with beige/black/white but they always include pops of color and ideas that everyone could incorporate into their homes. Myself and my artist friends (translation: we make a solid living as artists) all enjoy watching what they create. Training does not always give you good taste, someone has to step outside the lines.

  2. elizabeth traub says:

    Does this design couple have grown children? Sometimes designing for the younger crowd is harder if you have not yet experienced the needs for this age group. I agree those are not hanging out sofa's at all. Lounging in them would not be something any of my adult children would do well with. There are some visual balance issues. I had my 24 year old look at these pictures. He cringed, more than I did. For this age group you definitely need function before design, and design can be worked into function. My 24 year old said "it looks like a play room for my little brothers." He has three younger brothers in grade school. "Not a place you would really want to have your own friends hanging out." Sometimes we designers don't always get it right. Most of us do not have TV cameras following so we can come in later and fix what is not working. Sadly these designers are under greater scrutiny. I still love their energy and quirks.

  3. gordon says:

    Looking at those guys faces said it all and I don't think they were to happy or thrilled. I wouldn't be if I spent $8,000 on flea market finds ( carpet under cushions, really) and mediocre artwork. They are not as cool as they think they are.

  4. mindy saunders says:

    Who cares if they have 7 kids. What has that got to do with making them qualified to design. They are an insult to your other designers such as Candice Olsen. Candice is the very best designer you have .. she is your super star! The Novogratz's are not worthy of being on HGTV. NO WAY!

  5. @VanEngine says:

    Despite all the trashing – here's why I like Novogratz:
    I loved 9-by-Design & am very inspired by their style. As an eclectic & somewhat eccentric graphic/fine artist & musician, I find their odd mixes refreshing.

    HGTV is full of "matchy-matchy" design that is, though inspiring, just too perfect for my tastes. This family is obviously very Bohemian & not afraid to take risks – love it! BTW, these are the same things I love about Design Star Antonio Ballatore (I miss his show!). They DO have some repeated tricks (light boxes, photo collages) but it all works well in my opinion.

    Every art/design era has its rebels who are scorned but eventually embraced – Picasso, DaDa, Warhol, Polluck, David Carson, Shepard Fairey, etc. HGTV, I applaude you for showing something different!

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