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This week we worked on an apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey for two young guys in their first “real” apartment after college. We wanted to give them something both youthful and sophisticated.

novogratz in hoboken bachelor pad

The apartment was pretty much a blank slate before we got our hands on it. The first thing we did was go wild with paint. Paint offers so many amazing alternatives—let your imagination be your guide! For a playful twist, we decided to paint diagonal stripes in Casa Blue and Surfboard Yellow from our new paint line with Stark. Next, we decided to lacquer the piano in high gloss white to make it really pop against the stripes, hung colorful lights and vintage sign letters to spell out LUNCH on their kitchen wall. This seemed like an appropriate word for two boys!

hoboken living room

Michael DeFeo, a super-talented artist, created some really fun paintings of different animals. Overall, we really made a bold statement in this place by playing with paint in unexpected ways.

hoboken striped walls and piano

49 Responses

  1. JohnM says:

    Enough with the words on the wall. Every show. Really. When I saw the photo I thought they had made over a restaurant. No, a bachelor pad. Horrible.

  2. Robin Neal says:

    How boring life would be if we all thought the same! The Novogratz say in the beginning they "think outside the box" …if you can't handle that….don't! There are always some parts of every room that I love, and some not my style. But I learn, and take away info to apply to my life. I am definitely more open to color now, and have enjoyed adding that to my house! There are some (who I also like), but the rooms always look the same. With the Novogratz ….I can't wait to see what's next!!!

  3. NANCY says:

    I am glad that all of you took the time to post, as did I so that hopefully someone at HGTV is reading these blogs & they cancel this awful show. Agreed, these people need to get a real job. Design is not their calling. It is painful to watch. Yck! HGTV, TAKE THIS SHOW OFF THE AIR & SEND THE NOVAGRATZ'S HOME TO THEIR KIDS. OLD HIPPIE DESIGN IS GROSS!

  4. Michele says:

    The Novogratz's call themselves "Designers"? I hope the two bachelors in Hoboken, NJ get their $8000.00 dollars back because they were robbed. I kept watching the show thinking that any minute someone would come on and say "just kidding". HGTV, it is a sad day in the interior design world when you try to pass this off as design. It is not. Please remove that show from your schedule.

  5. Tazzylou says:

    I agree with all the negative comments on this couple. It must be hard (!) to design (word used loosely) something sooo ugly. I feel so sorry for these guys – hopefully, their girl friends or mothers or even blind friends will help them out by throwing this junk out and doing it right. I've seen their prior shows and each one is a complete disaster – can't believe they are even being paid for this. PLEASE HGTV dump these people.

  6. Kelly says:

    This episode seemed to be the culmination of everything that’s wrong with the design on this show: The teal walls and “sick” diagonal stripes were a terrible choice for two young single guys. The hodgepodge of vintage furniture, including cracked dirty-looking plastic chairs at the dining table and mismatched stools at the bar, in no way reflected the polish of the “Mad Men” look that they referenced several times while shopping.

    I had problems with so many things in the design overall, but the wrinkled black curtains – BLACK CURTAINS! IN A LIVING ROOM! – and drab monotone cushions on the sofas made me angry. Fabrics are such a key part of design but they weren’t spotlighted or addressed. And why would two guys need a bookcase or end tables or any kind of storage or organizational piece of any kind? If the lack is due to budget, they should rethink the costs of the overpriced original art and vintage furniture.

    • Moonbeam says:

      Yes, I keep wondering why they seem to be doing commercials for certain local artists by ordering high-end art and skimping on comfortable furnishings. Unless that art is donated in exchange for the publicity, it makes no sense. Other designers, like Casey on Design On A Dime, will make homemade art and spend the money elsewhere in more practical ways. Too often the Novogratz put expensive art on the walls (or expensive designer wallpaper) and then leave ridiculously under-furnished and/or otherwise impractical or uncomfortable rooms.

  7. Yvette says:

    Whew! I thought it was just me. I have never been able to understand their design concepts and style. Other than the lacquered piano, the remaining design efforts were a waste of time and money. Out of 8000.00, the only thing that was purchased new was the inappropriate artwork (better suited in a public bar). I am all for repurposing and being green but this was ridiculous.

  8. Susan says:

    When they had their show, Nine by Design, it was interesting. They are definitely more contemporary, modern then the other designers currently on HGTV which brings another point of view. That said, I finish watching each episode thinking that the interiors are unfinished. It is as if they ran out of money and due to there inability to be watch their budget, they just finish it and hope their enthusiasm will cover that lack luster design sense.

    This episode illustrates it perfectly. From the girly blue color, the barren walls with only one artist represented to the hodge-podge of mismatched pieces, the room lacks focus and makes it look like the Novogratzs ran out of money and could not finish. Is this from their lack of training, their rigid obeisance to their "no rules in design" mentality or simply being ineffectual at designing a room for such a limited budget, they fail to illicit a glowing "oh my god, that is fabulous" response each time.

    What might have been an interesting fresh view on design has left me only enthusiastic about how much I loath each of their room designs. The only reason I can see that HGTV would keep them on is simply due to the additional revenue from the ads for those people stopping to watch this train wreck of a show.

  9. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I believe the Novo-trash couple have hit a new low. Can you see ANYONE crashing on those sofa "cushions" (and I use that word loosely)? Only a cat or small dog would find any comfort in those monstrosities. And as another blog noted – what is with the leg-less coffee tables/flying saucers that landed on that rug. Puh-leeze: HGTV please call it a wrap on this trainwreck.

  10. Logan says:

    Some of y'all are really mean. Just because THEIR taste isn't YOUR taste doesn't mean its bad. It means its different. The whole point of the show is for people to think differently about design and see potential in unexpected places. True, I wouldn't put a large drawing of a boar on my wall, but I went right out and bought the Renee Ricard print from the model episode because I fell immediately in love with it. I bought their book, too. Appreciate their aesthetic for what it is, even if its different than yours. Be constructive in your criticism. And if you don't like the show that much, then don't watch it.

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      Logan..if being honest and puzzled with over-spending and questionable design choices is considered mean-spirited, then I am guilty of that. Bottom line: yes, living and designing in New York City is totally expensive but surely there are other people whose design slant is just as t.v. worthy as the Novogratz's who for some reason have been given carte' blanche for weird/useless room make-overs. =/

    • Not Pretending says:

      Oh please. Don't be such a pretender. They are horrible and shouldn't be called designers. they lack even a small bit of taste. They repeat the same deisgn over and over again. It gets old and doesn't look good.

    • Bethany says:

      Thank you Logan! You would think people would have better things to do rather than post super negative, nasty comments on HGTV's website. I agree with you 100 percent….if you don't like the show, don't watch it!

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