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HGTV.com editor Camille Smith summed it up beautifully: Our October Color of the Month is “saturated, intense and a real show-stopper.” A child of the ’80s, Camille is psyched to see the return of this bold hue. I think you’ll agree, its comeback feels nothing like that maligned decade. Today’s interpretations make fabulous design statements, like this 1940s McCoy vase or this ’60s Samsonite train case. Classic looks that are totally now. (And a color you probably never thought you’d love paired with regatta blue or grass green.)

Meet turquoise’s subdued but equally stunning big sister…a Pantone top fall color

Teal is such a great “ease me into fall” color. From those bold, sun-infused colors of summer to the moody, dark hues of winter. It pairs perfectly with aubergine, harvest gold, coffee and other excellent autumnal shades.Lili Zarghami, Managing Editor

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberDesigner Tilton Fenwick

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberHorchow Darra Chair + Jamie Young Kaleidoscope Pillows

Look up and you can see teal in the fall sky. I love how it plays so well with this season’s grays and paired with a bright citrusy orange.Kelley Walters, Executive Editor Design Happens

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberDesigner Miles Redd

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: October1stdibs Southall + Anthropologie

Saturated, intense and a real show-stopper, teal demands attention. It’s transformative. Just a small amount brings a cheery popm while a teal sofa or wall creates a watery, restful backdrop. I’m stoked to see jewel tones return; buh-bye greige.Camille Smith, Editor

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberHouse to Home :: Ideal Home

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberBambeco + Crate & Barrel

Teal makes a room feel luxurious, even if you’re only using it on inexpensive accent pieces. The color just feels posh!Briana Mowrey, Senior Online Editor

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberFLOR

TEAL - HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberMADE

October’s teal is more Gossip Girl than Malibu Barbie. All moody, rich and dramatic. Honestly, this stunning color is one of my favorites to decorate with. My couch is teal!Marianne Canada, HGTV Home Studio

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberRoom & Board

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberStyle Me Pretty + New Ravenna Mosaics

Feeling brave? Cover all four walls in this sultry hue. Or add a chic teal table lamp. No matter how you integrate teal into your home, it’s going to catch everyone’s eye, and you’ll love it all season long. —Kayla Kitts, Assistant Editor

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberDesigner S.R. Gambrel

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberLonny :: Designer Hillary Thomas

If teal is paired with marigold, it takes on the artistic mood of a Van Gogh.Emily Morrow, Shaw Floors Director of Color Style & Design

TEAL – HGTV Color of the Month: OctoberLonny :: Designer Angel Dormer

So, what do you think of October’s teal?

Tell us in the comments below.

74 Responses

  1. Briana@HGTV says:

    It's official. I'm in love with that last Lonny room you featured, and I'm in love with teal. (Guess who's typing this with a teal manicure?)

    • Kayla@HGTV says:

      That's so funny you say that. My nails are teal, too! Who would have thought the two mustard girls would go teal ;)

      • Briana@HGTV says:

        Well, I have a nice mustard-colored shirt I just bought, so I'm still repping our color, too! ;)

    • Lori says:

      Any thoughts on window treatments? My apartment has white walls. I don't want the room to fill closed in and choppy. Would you go with a solid color or try to find a print that brings in several of the same colors?

    • Linda Pierce says:

      I do like teal, it may be one of my favorite colors. I love these decorating tips…..keep up the great work.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Does anyonoe know when the next Halloween Block Party is going to air?

  3. Tiaa says:

    I love it! I have plans to stencil a large damask print on one wall in my bedroom!

  4. lisa says:

    Teal is a soothing color for any bedroom theme. My den is done in teal. One of the things I added to my room was a teal hammock chair by Beachside Hammocks http://www.beachsidehammocks.com. I was really amazed at how it livened up the room and made it so much more stylish. I ended up getting one as a holiday gift this year for my niece as well. Check them out. They have two blue colors. Both are rich.

  5. As an autumn color type myself, teal is one of my favorite colors, right up there with red-violet and rusty red. I could happily live in any of these rooms, but I'm not entirely comfortable with chartreuse as a partner. There's a painting in my bedroom by English artist Terry Frost of four zebras on the Serengeti plains with a wonderful teal-colored rainstorm in the background. I love it!!

    • ssympson says:

      Actually, one of my bathrooms is chartreuse and a deep teal with a little more blue in it and it looks fresh, bright , new, and quite cheerful in a sophisticated way!

  6. GeeKayDoubleU says:

    Teal is in Just finishing painting daughter's room orange with teals highlight with bedding to match…Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  7. Nancy says:

    Love Tilton Fenwicks room. My living room has chochlate leather, the teal foot stool would be perfect. I've been looking for a brown one, but I'm now sold on teal. Thanks.


  8. B Straight says:

    I HATE these dark depressing colors–Hate worse the ORANGE -I like light happy colors—I can not imagine a Orange couch with my Christmas anything !! Yuck

  9. Laura D says:

    I've got lots of pops of teal in my house and love, love, love the color!

  10. Miranda says:

    I recently moved to England where our apartment is fitted with carpet everywhere, including the bathroom, and yes, it's TEAL coloured carpet (albeit a lighter teal than some of the pictures above). At first I cringed — teal carpet?! But it has been a wonderful challenge/opportunity to work with this colour — a colour I never would have chosen had it not been forced on me. My favourite colour to accent it with is aubergine. Something about those two colours together is so calming and yet they look so rich and elegant together. I have officially fallen in love with teal and am so happy it's your colour of the month!!

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