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Did you know that tomorrow, October 5th, is the most common birthday? Happy (early) birthday to all the October 5th birthday babies! Since there will be so many people celebrating and entertaining tomorrow and into the weekend, we wanted to stock you up with some seriously adorable party themes and decorating ideas for boys and girls. Don’t get me wrong, looking back I really do appreciate my Discovery Zone, Chuck E. Cheese and McDonald’s birthday parties (who doesn’t love ball pits?), but where were these creative mommas when I was little? And Design Happens featured blogger Kim Stoegbauer is one of those moms who pulls out all the party-planning stops. Who knew that a cotton candy-themed birthday party could be so creative and colorfully detailed? So check out these original party themes and ideas from some of our favorite entertaining gurus and start planning!

Party Trend: Flags, Bunting and Banners (Plus Free Printables)

Girls’ Birthday Party Ideas:

kids birthday themes girls birthday ideas birthday party october 5 design blog hgtv1., 3., 5., 7., 8. Adorable Birthday Party Themes for Girls 2. DIY Favors and Decorations for Kids’ Birthday Parties 4., 6. Cotton Candy-Themed Birthday Party

Boys’ Birthday Party Ideas:

kids birthday themes boys birthday party ideas birthday party october 5 design blog hgtv1., 6. Day at the Circus Kids’ Birthday Party 2., 4. Baseball Bonanza Birthday Party 3., 5., 8., Cool Birthday Party Themes for Boys 7. Totally Nautical Kids’ Birthday Party

What is your favorite childhood birthday party memory? Diving into a single serving cake? Getting the toy you had been dreaming of for months?

Tell us in the comments below.


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