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For October, our trend savvy HGTV.com editors chose teal as the Color of the Month. This lovely shade falls somewhere between blue and green. While researching ideas for using this rich color, I came across a wide spectrum of tones, many of which were called teal but seemed too blue. I think a true teal has more green in it. I compiled a few ideas on how you can use this color in your next event. First up, sweets like candy, cupcakes, sprinkles and candy apples that are eye-catching and easy to serve at a casual or elegant gathering.

tealpartyideasteal sweets :: sprinkles, candy apples, candy corsage, chocolate bar, cupcakes

Paper is always an essential part of the party, at least for me. Use invitations, tags, thank you notes and paper decorations in teal to carry the color scheme throughout.

tealdecoratingideasteal paper elements :: thank you cards, tags, pomettes, tissue flowers

I spotted some great decorative pieces in teal that can add the color and style to your gathering. I love this custom made initial, which could be placed on your food/dessert table or by the front door to greet guests. The gorgeous pattern is fabric, which could be used to make a table cloth or runner.

tealdecoratingideasdecorative elements :: letter, pitcher, plate, fabric

Teal is a very easy color to wear, whether you are dressing  up for a party or going casual for a small gathering.

tealdecoratingideasteal fashion :: earrings, dress, bracelet

Have you ever entertained with teal? Is it a color you typically wear?

Let me know in the comments below!

33 Responses

  1. @DECOLAV says:

    We love the teal!! So much in fact, that we have a few sinks that would fit right into your theme :)

  2. angeleslove says:

    i love it !!! it is my favorite color, it is in my bedroom and my bathroom, I very obsection with this color …i want everything in this colorrr!!!!

  3. fredgonsowskigardenh says:

    I live in a 1950's split level house, that at one time or another, had aqua-tea, in almost every room in the house. The kitchen was aqua-teal, white and carrot orange. I friend, who is now in her early nineties said to me " In the 50's that color was all the rage" Aqua-teal is fine in small amount, BUT i had it in a two car garage, and even all the trim on the outside of my tapestry brick house was that color. Aqua-Teal, has to be the IT color for someone else. Been there Got Rid of That!

    comment by Fred Gonsowski Garden Home .com

  4. Laura says:

    Actually, my future daughter in law is using it for her bridesmaids dresses next month. They're really beautiful!

  5. Lurdes says:

    I love it, i think it's fresh and beatiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. carolepk says:

    I do love the color teal and use it to accessorize my wardrobe regularly. I have collected turquoise jewelry for many years and my favorite pieces are the teal ones. Teal accents can be found all over my house. However, I don't find it to be the most appetizing color. The apples just don't give me the urge to bite in. The paper flowers pictured are very nice.

  7. Sandibch says:

    Teal is and has been my fav color – forever. My house, my clothes, my accessories – I use choc. brown and lime green and sometimes yellow as accents. Orange looks great with teal, as well. Great idea.

    • Selean says:

      Me too! I use yellow as an accent color in the summer and for fall/winter I change to a deeper blue in my kitchen but leave the teal/brown in my living and dining room.

  8. Mrs. Pear-a-dise says:

    I love it also. I used it in 3 homes – lots of shades of teal. maybe because I love the teal ocean waters of the Carribbean.

  9. judy says:

    Lovely and inviting post. I adore teal. I think it always works in decor, in fashion, you name it.

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