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It’s finally October! Just like a light switch, the weather has turned cooler, crisper and spookier. During my trick-or-treating days, my friends and I would always choose to visit the homes that looked the scariest for a Halloween thrill. Plus, we figured the homes that went all-out on Halloween decor would have the best candy, too. (They did.) We’d come upon a terrifying and unexpected motion-activated cackling witch, classic decapitated human body parts or the occasional homeowner dressed as Freddy Krueger. We would always run home (myself typically in angel wings, go-go boots and a blonde wig) with our candy-filled pillowcases, hearts pounding yet dying to run back and be scared all over again. In honor of those memorable childhood days, here are two spook-tastic Halloween decorations perfect for your front yard. I’m confident your trick-or-treaters will love and be terrified of them.

Easy Halloween Decorations, Pumpkin-Carving Templates and Entertaining Ideas

Handmade Halloween Project Halloween Decorating Ideas Design Blog HGTV

These hand carved and painted tombstones are a creative way to add an eerie touch to your landscape for Halloween. You can personalize the front of the foam tombstones as much as you want or simply use ever-effective RIP acronym. After carving your drawing and adding a thin layer of spray paint and acrylic paint, they’re ready to be set up among dry leaves, pumpkins and other “unsettling” decor.

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Handmade Halloween Project Halloween Decorating Ideas Design Blog HGTV

Scare guests as soon as they pull in the driveway with this flowing life-size ghost. Using inexpensive craft and hardware items, this ghost can be easily constructed and hung from a front or backyard tree or placed on the front porch for even more creepy appeal. Use a paint roller extension pole and yardsticks as the ghost’s “skeleton” and foam balls as the head and hands. Gauzy cheesecloth serves as the ghost’s ethereal body and will especially pick up flight on windy nights.

Get the Full Life-Size Halloween Ghost How-To Here >>

What ultra-scary Halloween creature do you like to decorate with? Ghosts? Witches? Zombies?

Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. jdunn31 says:

    Your tombstone look great but when I tryied the same thing the spray paint started eating the foam and it look teribble. I know now that the spary paint is not the second step after carving out your design. I also love your ghost. I think the cheese cloths makes it look good but when it rains it really weighs it down I had to use a fine mash that would repel rain water. http://preferredpublishers.go2cloud.org/SH7o

  2. Robin says:

    This ghost caught my eye.. Always looking for something new and different when decorating for the holidays. I love the idea of the cheese cloth. But i must say i thought it was a long procedure for the end result. I made a ghost with a white bed sheet. Cut it to the size you like. This year i did not have a bed sheet so i used white nylon left over from a project. Find the center of the sheet and stuff with polyfill for the head, tie off with a white ribbon or fishing line. Cut eyes and a mouth from black felt. Hang from a tree with fishing line. Drape the "hands" about 5 – 6 inches from the end so they hang. I've made several of these as the kids get older and they think it's cool…

  3. Julie says:

    Here's an easy project if you like the ghost. I got the idea from Lowe's Creative Ideas catalog. Take 3 tomato cages (I used 2 large and 1 small since our family is Dad, Mom and 6-year old son). Stake the cages in the ground and wrap clear Christmas lights around them completely. Cover each cage with white sheets in which you've used a black Sharpie to color eyes and a mouth. Plug in and watch them glow at night! They are super easy and adorable. The sheets billow in the wind which look cool. I just use safety pins in the back of the ghosts to secure the sheets to the cage so they don't blow off.

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