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I’m blown away. I totally thought someone would guess incorrectly that the fushionbrands tenderpress is a dog chew toy. (Nubs and grooves for cleaning the canine’s canines, right?) CplusE, you were the first to answer meat tenderizer. Bingo. Lisa, you were also right with your answer of rolling pin. Sort of.

Fushionbrands - Tenderpress - HGTV design blog

When I was a  a kid, I remember my mom pounding the heck out of some beef with a tenderizer that resembled something out of my dad’s tool box. Well, apparently a rolling motion using the tenderpress reduces tearing and meat juice splatter. Good to know. This kitchen utensil can also be used to dock dough if you’re rolling out flatbread, pizza pie or pie shells. That prevents blistering. Something I didn’t know. Did you?

Meanwhile, keep man’s best friend out of the kitchen and happy with the KONG chew bone.


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  1. elizabeth traub says:

    I figured it was something like this. Still very artful and would make a lot of cool for many things. Did you link a place to pick up this nifty hopefully thrifty took for the kitchen?

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