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Speaking of magazines I love — coughHGTVMagazinecough — Rue Magazine recently celebrated its first anniversary. I was lucky enough to meet Editor in Chief Crystal Gentilello and Market Editor Cassandra LaValle at Las Vegas Market where they were panelists for a WithIt talk about digital magazines, and they offered some great insights (get the scoop here). So, naturally, I was excited to see what the Anniversary Issue had in store, but even more so when I saw our own Sabrina Soto of The High/Low Project in its pages.

sabrina soto living roomPhoto by Emily Johnston-Anderson for Rue Magazine

Get a load of the living room in Sabrina’s Manhattan apartment, will you? As someone living in a New York City apartment, this is pretty darn inspirational. It has the clean mid-century modern vibe I love (that lamp!) while still feeling cozy (that couch!). Plus, you know Sabrina knows how to shop, so I’m betting a bunch of the pieces are budget-friendly. Congrats, Rue, on your anniversary! And congrats, Sabrina, on your oh-so-enviable apartment!

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  2. peg5 says:

    love the earthtones and it seems well-balanced…but what is up in the upper left of the room?

  3. redleafcreative says:

    Love Sabrina-you go girl!

  4. upstategal says:

    I just adore you Sabrina. So happy to see you with your new show and doing so well at it. I wish I could see some cabin decor, Adarondack, and all combined with country(rustic). Would love to see your views on it. Your livingroom is you and wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  5. Irene says:

    I thought it would be more warm and inviting with touches of her happy personality. It looks pretty generic and boring. Sorry Sabrina, I will still watch what you do on your shows!

    • Vanessa says:

      I agree, Irene
      Sabrina has such a bubbly, and warm personality, this is a little stiff and formal….almost cold for her. But, she DOES excellent work on her shows!!!

  6. maureen says:

    your latest target ad featured a "chic french small stool"
    i have been unable to find it in target online
    love your new show

  7. darla says:

    I too love wathing what Sabrina does-yet if I had to choose her living space out of a line up I never would have guessed this as hers. I would've envisioned more softness, and original homey type of accent pieces. That being said, as I look at my own space my highly visible areas are homey and match my personality, but my bathrooms have good colors yet I keep it sleeker and minimum in those rooms. Maybe she does that too-and has other rooms we percieve her personalty to match. Whatever, her space seems to work well for her as far as creativity in designing for the show goes! I never get tired of watching her.

  8. Kathleen says:

    Ms. Soto, I am such a fan of you and your talents, but I must say there are others as well. I watch so much of HGTV I am now seeing programs for the 2nd 3rd and 4th time and really never get tired of it. I now however have had a great idea. I have retired from a Marketing and Sales career of 40 years. I find myself downsizing out of a house into a condo. I think a segment for we seniors, to help us find what we need, decorate with our precious items we must keep and get new ones would be great. We are all on fixed budgets but usually have money from the sale of a house to do this decorating. I just purchased an older condo and it needs help and I need you. The other thing a lot of us "Baby Boomers" aren't as fortunate as you to live in NY and have the vintage stores. You know there are a lot of us HELP. HGTV keep up the fabulous work. Warmest Regards.

  9. Shellz1 says:

    I hate to be a downer, but I am not a fan of this space….it is very cold and missing a lot of warmth and softness.

Briana MowreyBriana is a writer and senior editor for HGTV.com. Her self-described design style is "mid-century modern magpie." She lives in a Brooklyn apartment with her husband, their spoiled dachshund, Chauncey,...


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