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There are three things I love in this world: impeccable designs, bright colors and British accents. Will Taylor, a.k.a. Mr. Bazaar, the editor of the design blog Bright.Bazaar and an interior props stylist based out of London embodies my three favorites. First of all, pop over to his homepage and just look at all that lovely turquoise and orange. Will doesn’t just love well-designed interiors and bright hues; he loves well-designed interiors because of their bright accents, accessories and features. “You only have to show me a yellow vase and I’ll go weak at the knees,” he says. Will thinks beige is boring, color is everything and that nothing can’t be fixed with a little mood board “cocktail”. (My favorite color cocktail: the Golden Shimmer.)

bright bazaar blog will taylor design blog hgtv blogger of the month design happensImages clockwise left to right: Home Tour: Colourful London Houseboat :: First Look: Adore Magazine’s Forthcoming Issue ::  Three Inspirations: Bold Sofa / Trinkets Box / Graphic Walls :: 10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend [September 26, 2011]

If you don’t already ‘like’ Bright.Bazaar on Facebook, follow Will on Twitter or subscribe to receive daily blog updates, then you, my friend, are missing out. With winter just a few months away, you’re going to need a daily color shock treatment and Bright.Bazaar is the place to go. Here are three reasons why Bright.Bazaar is part of my daily routine and why it should be a part of yours, too.

1. Color, Color, COLOUR

Let’s just state the obvious here. Color. He loves it; I love it. It’s a fact that certain hues affect our mood and can make us happy, confident and energetic. So why not start off the day with a bold dose of color, something you know will uplift your spirits? Daily, Will shares his favorite colorful finds, from interiors and his strolls through London shops and markets. His finds are always right on trend and dapple in plenty of design styles to satisfy everyone’s cravings. From vibrant primaries and bold neons to candy-coated pastels and deep, saturated beauties, Will celebrates color in all forms, even if it’s simply the base of a light fixture or the seat cushion of a chair.

bright bazaar blog will taylor bright bazaar design blog hgtv design happens

2. Will’s Weekends

My weekends are either embarrassingly bland or pretty cool. Will’s weekends seem to always be perfect. His weekly feature 10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend is filled with picturesque strolls through London, stops at quaint design boutiques around the city and at least two or three killer product finds for those of us in the States who need a Monday morning fix. It’s literally the ideal way to start any work week. While I absolutely love his unique and flavorful finds, I really enjoy his own personal weekend photography. It truly captures the essence of a weekend. Relax and unwind. Make time for rejuvenation through inspiration. That’s a perfect weekend, right?

bright bazaar blog will taylor bright bazaar design blog hgtv design happens blogger of the month1. Days of Summer Pencil Set :: Etsy / OneFineDae 2. Cushion Cover :: H&M 3., 7. 10 Things :: October 3, 2011 4. Stripy Bed Linen :: Zara 5. Office Shelf Set :: Present&Correct 6. 10 Things :: July 18, 2011 8. Allison Avenue Accent Plate :: Kate Spade 9. Coloured Handblown Glasses :: Toast 10. A Cup of Bunting :: Wrapped

3. Home Tours to Lust Over

Sometimes looking at stunning interiors makes unlocking my front door the worst part of the day. Other times, it’s just the motivation I need to switch gears and unleash my inner Candice Olson. Thank you, Bright.Bazaar for your fabulous home tours. If you thought you were going to be “stuck” in London for this blog hop across the pond, you’re so wrong. You’ll be visiting a chic countryside home, a vibrant Tribeca loft, a colorful houseboat (my personal favorite) and a fiery beach house. The photography is stunning, and the interiors are nothing less than delightfully colorful.

bright bazaar blog will taylor bright bazaar blog design blog hgtv design happens Josie Curan House Tour :: Photography: Alun Callender

Stop by Bright.Bazaar daily for reveals on the latest home collections and trends and seasonal paint colors, too.

Will and Bright.Bazaar are a color go-to for us. What are your favorite blogs for colorful inspiration?

Tell us in the comments below.

9 Responses

  1. Marianne@HGTV says:

    This is one of my most favorite Design Eye Candy blogs!

  2. Richard says:

    Here is another delicious blog to check out … <a href="http://www.themodernsybarite.com” target=”_blank”>www.themodernsybarite.com. Very different from bright.bazaar .. but who says you cannot have variety in life :-)

  3. Great choice! @Will_UK 's infectious personality exudes from his blog and photos. Glad to have gotten to know him via the blog world!

  4. Robin Baron says:

    Yay Will! He is as lovely in person as he is online!

  5. pethotelofamerica says:

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  6. A Stylist's Lif says:

    Will and Bright Bazaar are both fabulous- congrats Will!!

  7. Splendid Willow says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Bright! Will is the best!

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