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Like the rest of the world, we were all saddened at the news of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs‘ passing (1955 – 2011). As one of the most iconic and inspiring businessmen in American history, he has changed the way each of us live our lives on a day-to-day basis. Maybe you’re reading this on your iPad, iPhone, iMac or MacBook? Or on a non-Mac product that aspires to Mac style. Well, you can thank Steve for his undeniable brilliance and the countless risks he took to continually and always stylishly advance our telecommunications and digital world just a little bit more. His innovations, humanitarianism and legacy will never be forgotten.

steve jobs passing apple ceo co founder mac hgtv1. Steve Jobs in his 1982 living room 2. Apple I 3. Apple III 4. Macintosh II 5. Macintosh Classic II 6. iMac G3 7. iMac

These Apple Store memorials are even more proof of his undeniable footprint on design and technology history.

What is your first Apple computer memory? What Mac design do you most love?

Tell us in the comments below. (And hop on down to see my answers, too.)


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  1. anna@HGTV.com says:

    My first was an Apple IIe. Love Apple. Thankful for Steve Jobs making computers and phones a thing of beauty.

  2. Kayla@HGTV says:

    My first memory is an early to mid-1990s Macintosh model. My parents used it and I wasn't allowed to do anything but the painting program, but I still pretended that it was my "work computer" when I played "office" as a kid. Now I'm a proud owner of a sleek and beautiful iPhone, iPod and MacBook. I'm a full-fledged Apple user.

  3. elizabeth traub says:

    In 1993 I bought an Macintosh Computer and printer at a garage sale for $20.00. I did not grow up in a world of computers and was clueless, nor was I educated in technology. So I taught myself how to use a computer with this one purchase. One year later I sold it in my own garage sale for $400.00. RIP Steve Jobs

  4. First was a power mac in about 1995, followed by an imac (the classic in 6. above), followed by a G5 about 5 years ago – and sat here typing this on a MacBook Pro. Steve Jobs is certainly a guy who has affected my life in a big way, and for the better – RIP Steve and thank you.

  5. Sacha Greif says:

    I was shocked to hear as well that there are 8000 engineers on the iPhone! 8000 engineers on a jumbo jet, that I can believe, but on a stupid phone, that's ridiculous! Reading that convinced me the Chinese are the most inefficient manufacturers in the world!
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