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One lucky Design Happens fan has a date with destiny in their near future in the form of Grandin Road‘s Life-Size Halloween Zombie Bride. Standing a dramatic 63 inches tall and with pronounced cheekbones like those, who wouldn’t want to bring this skeletal beauty home? Plus, she’s dressed to kill, decked out in her wedding day finest: “a midnight black and blood-red gown topped with a matching veil.”

Grandin Road - Life-Size Zombie Bride - HGTV design blog - halloween decoration

Nuptial bliss gone amiss marks week three of our series of fabulous and frightening Halloween decor giveaways from Grandin Road. So answer our question in the comments below before 12/11c Monday, October 10 to be entered in the sweepstakes.

Last week Shelley shared a Halloween decorating story that made me laugh out loud. One year her family’s style was “scary realism”. Her husband and her were police officers, and they used “real crime scene tape, body outlines on the concrete and fake blood… all of the neighbors thought we had killed each other.”

This week’s question: What’s your funniest or happiest Halloween decorating, party hosting or trick-or-treat story? Hilarious mishaps? Costume malfunctions? (Please, keep it G-rated.) Old-fashioned family fun?

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68 Responses

  1. KYRA says:

    Okay, this was funny yet CREEPY at the same time. I was working at a 100 year old boutique hotel, and I was decorating the lobby for Halloween. I was putting up cobwebs (though honestly there are a lot of spiders in the Columbia Gorge, so there was lots of real webbing already up=) and those plastic black spiders. WELL, I had just put some webs on the lobby desk and the antique bell which was on there and then I went searching for more spiders to decorate with. I go to put a spider on the bell and I was shocked, I had not realized there was already a plastic spider on there! I went to go change the position and the darn thing started moving!!!!!!!!! It was a black widow=/

  2. Shar says:

    A few years ago, I had wanted to use corn stalks for my outdoor fall decor, and couldn't find them anywhere. Around Halloween I noticed some at my local Whole Foods store and was sooo excited!! That is until they told me they weren't for sale. They were their decorations for their Holiday Festival. Well I really wanted them, so after much convincing (begging?) on my part, they said I could buy them after their Festival was over. Eureka! I had my corn stalks! A few days later, I picked them up and added them to the outdoor decor. It looked great, just in time for Halloween.. Well, apparently I am allergic to those corn stalks!! I am not kidding when I say I had thousands of itching bumps on my body! I bruised myself itching so hard… I'm sure you can imagine how much fun that Halloween was..Moral of the story…Be careful what you wish for!

  3. Rachelle says:

    My best memory of Halloween is having to find trick or treat costumes that fit over warm clothing. I know there are jokes around the internet about "You know you're from up north when you had to find Halloween costumes to fit over your winter jacket," and it was so true for me growing up in Wisconsin.

  4. amy says:

    My daughter saying over and over at age 2 I won't be buzzy the entire time trick or treating because she felt like wearing a different costume.

  5. Peggy Lemos says:

    The funniest thing I remember is the year we made a ghost that we fastened to a rope, then would toss off our porch roof when kids would come to the door. It made all the kids laugh. It was the parents that freaked out! lol

  6. Valerie says:

    What’s your funniest or happiest Halloween decorating, party hosting or trick-or-treat story?

    -Last year for trick or treat, my boyfriend was dressed as the grim reaper. Our neighbor's son, who is a toddler was dressed as a lion. When the little one returned from trick or treating, he saw my boyfriend and told him "You don't scare me monster!" So, my boyfriend walked towards the little boy making scary noises. The boy hid behind his dad, peeked out from behind him and again said "you don't scare me monster!" It was too cute!

  7. mary says:

    We were very poor growing up. I am the youngest of four. One year my mom came home with a Hobo costume. we all were so excited. my oldest brother wore it first and as they out grew it it got passed down. 5 years i waited and wore the ole Ghost( sheet over head) Then it was finally my turn. We had a seremony passing on to me. That was the best Holloween ever

  8. Jamie says:

    We have a lot of property that is wooded in the back and when my son was about 6, we set up a haunted trail hayride in our woods and our neighbor's as well. We had different stations, such as Leatherface with his chainsaw, a witch, a werewolf, aliens and people that would just jump out from behind trees in various costumes and throw candy. My Dad, who has since passed, drove the hayride and was dressed up as a vampire-he wasn't the type to dress up, but he was more than willing for this event. It was quite elaborate and not too scary, since my son and his friends were fairly young, but it was a blast and it was the best Halloween that I can remember!

  9. Tisha says:

    10 years ago a new co-worker of mine had a Halloween party at her house. I didn't know very many people, but this one guy showed up that I had known from a club I went to. He was there with someone, but we ended up talking for over a half an hour in her kitchen. We didn't talk about much of anything, just had a good time talking. They ended up leaving before I did and I didn't think anything about it. Just thought I'd never see him again. We have now been married for over 8 years now. I have to say it was the best Halloween ever!!!!!

  10. Beth says:

    When hosting a party, I always get some dry ice for the buffet table. It just makes the whole atmosphere.

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