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One lucky Design Happens fan has a date with destiny in their near future in the form of Grandin Road‘s Life-Size Halloween Zombie Bride. Standing a dramatic 63 inches tall and with pronounced cheekbones like those, who wouldn’t want to bring this skeletal beauty home? Plus, she’s dressed to kill, decked out in her wedding day finest: “a midnight black and blood-red gown topped with a matching veil.”

Grandin Road - Life-Size Zombie Bride - HGTV design blog - halloween decoration

Nuptial bliss gone amiss marks week three of our series of fabulous and frightening Halloween decor giveaways from Grandin Road. So answer our question in the comments below before 12/11c Monday, October 10 to be entered in the sweepstakes.

Last week Shelley shared a Halloween decorating story that made me laugh out loud. One year her family’s style was “scary realism”. Her husband and her were police officers, and they used “real crime scene tape, body outlines on the concrete and fake blood… all of the neighbors thought we had killed each other.”

This week’s question: What’s your funniest or happiest Halloween decorating, party hosting or trick-or-treat story? Hilarious mishaps? Costume malfunctions? (Please, keep it G-rated.) Old-fashioned family fun?

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68 Responses

  1. Julia Klucker says:

    I deserve this zombie bride…I was married on Halloween 47 years ago! My husband passed out at the ceremony and my brother-in-law stood in proxy! It is a running joke that I am probably married to my brother-in-law! :-)

  2. Nicole Herman says:

    My happiest Halloweens have been every one since my children were born. There is no better feeling in the world than the day you show your child the halloween costume you made just for them to make their Halloween extra special. That is what being a parent is all about!

  3. Cat says:

    My favorite Halloween memory was making decorations at the dining room table. I made a big bat and won first prize in our little family contest which was a nod to my nascent artistic abilities.

  4. Ebony S says:

    Funniest Halloween Memories…We had our first annual Halloween party last year. It's a party for all the children in the family. The finale was the zombie pinata…all the little children were afraid to hit it! Too cute and Funny!

  5. addayP says:

    A few years back my roommates bough some spider webs and little spiders. We Hung it all across our apartment living room, added Orange lights and spiders then invited neighbors. The best part was the creapy framed lady they talked when u walked past saying "HELP ME" and it always got someone. It turned out pretty awesome for little cost.

  6. KALAdecor says:

    I was dressed as a a Zombie with plastic and newspaper coming out of my feat and hands, (to look like im a zombie dummy). I was lying on the floor with a big box full of candy on my belly that said "Happy Halloween. Take your candy here".
    Every time someone tried to get candy, I would grab their hand and scream at them. The reactions where priceless

  7. Mandy says:

    I think our most fun party was the Charlie Brown Halloween party. Everyone had to come as their favorite Peanuts character. My husband let his mustache grow out and curled it up on the ends. He found an old fashioned flight cap and turned himself into the Red Baron. I bought a doghouse "headpiece" complete with chain and collar. I pinned a plush Snoopy on the top of the house and was set to play hostess. Everyone had a great time although I'm sorry to say The Great Pumpkin didn't make an appearance!

  8. Ashley says:

    My best memory is anything Halloween my daughter enjoy the shopping as well as decorating. I try to keep my decorations up yeat round. This year my 2nd old wants to be a hat and a cup holder, she came up with it all on her own. Gotta love imaginations.

  9. susitravl says:

    I love Halloween! My son isn't a big fan. He is allergic to nuts and 50 – 75% of the candy he got when he would trick or treat were Peanut M & M's, Snickers, Reese's – very popular around here apparently. I always bought his favorite candy so he would have some, but the look of disappointment on his little face when someone put a forbidden candy into his bucket was so sad!

  10. Leann Lindeman says:

    My husband and I used to have a Halloween party every year…. everyone dressed up, lots of beer, always a great time… I miss those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still decorate, as this is my favorite holiday.

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