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One lucky Design Happens fan has a date with destiny in their near future in the form of Grandin Road‘s Life-Size Halloween Zombie Bride. Standing a dramatic 63 inches tall and with pronounced cheekbones like those, who wouldn’t want to bring this skeletal beauty home? Plus, she’s dressed to kill, decked out in her wedding day finest: “a midnight black and blood-red gown topped with a matching veil.”

Grandin Road - Life-Size Zombie Bride - HGTV design blog - halloween decoration

Nuptial bliss gone amiss marks week three of our series of fabulous and frightening Halloween decor giveaways from Grandin Road. So answer our question in the comments below before 12/11c Monday, October 10 to be entered in the sweepstakes.

Last week Shelley shared a Halloween decorating story that made me laugh out loud. One year her family’s style was “scary realism”. Her husband and her were police officers, and they used “real crime scene tape, body outlines on the concrete and fake blood… all of the neighbors thought we had killed each other.”

This week’s question: What’s your funniest or happiest Halloween decorating, party hosting or trick-or-treat story? Hilarious mishaps? Costume malfunctions? (Please, keep it G-rated.) Old-fashioned family fun?

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68 Responses

  1. Kristen says:

    One of my favorite memories is when my niece, who was about 3 at the time, was helping me hand out candy after she had finished trick or treating. We get a ton of kids in our neighborhood so it's not unusual to see the same costume several times, well iron man was big that year so we had one little boy dressed up like that and then about 30 minutes later we had another one and she remembered that she had already seen that costume and said " he already got candy!" and refused to give him some until I explained to her that it was alright.

  2. carla dahlquist says:

    The best biggest mishap happened several years ago. Every year I go all out and set up a haunted grave yard. That particular year I had a few scary dummies standing and sitting around. I was dressed up in my ghoul costume and waited patiently. The targets were coming, about a 10 year old boy and his father. I waited and listened as the dad reassured his son, telling him not to be afraid they are just dummies. The dad touched one to prove it, but the boy wasn't convinced. Dad decided to reach out a grab my hand, well when I grabbed his back, he freaked out. He turned and ran so fast, all the while shrieking like a little girl fidgeting his poor son in his dust. I took off my mask while laughing hysterically and gave the boy a big handfuls of candy. He never appeared to be scared the whole time, only the dad was. The funniest part was listening to the boy rib his poor father relentlessly about being a fraid of a dummy.

    • @DIYandSAVE says:

      That's too funny! I have similar fun using a voice recorder, an fm transmitter, and a boom box. Set the boom box to a static radio channel and the fm transmitter to the same channel, then hide the boom box in the bushes. Record a scary message on the voice recorder, plug the fm transmitter into the headphone jack of the voice recorder and play it when someone comes up the walkway. People think the bushes are talking to them. LOL

  3. Gail Bushman says:

    The most fun party is every year my neighbors gather in my driveway on Halloween to party. Everyone brings a dish to share and their drinks. They also bring their Halloween candy and all the kids come to my scary decorated house to get their candy. The kids look forward to this every year. They call my house "The Party House". You can just imagine how much candy they get at this house.

  4. grandmamickeys says:

    My daughter and her family dress up in different costumes every day for a week!!!! It is her favorite holiday.

  5. samc says:

    We set up a haunted yard for the neighbor kids. The lot was in the woods which made for a haunted back drop. With the help of grandparents & friends, we had creepy stations set up thru out the yard. A guide led the children thru the maze of mad doctors, mummies & werewolves. It was fun!

  6. Lisa Thurin says:

    Halloween is my favorite holiday because myself and my 2 boys and my mother are all October birthdays and orange is my fav color LOL. One memory that was bitter sweet of this holiday sticks out in my head forever. We always have a huge gathering at one of our nabors house for the start of the trick of treating, she does a huge haunted house and the parents have cocktails, from there we all go to her hill and take a huge naborhood picture, its very cool, then we take the kids trick or treating all together like a huge gang LOL of course most of the nabors are with us, so we only hit the houses of the older people and they just LOVE this )we are in our 40's and 50's) then after we all assemble at our house for the AFTER halloween party every year which is a huge blowout and tons of fun from the huge blow up screen movies to the 2 bonfires and loads os goodies and smores to eat. ok so back to my memorable story, our son had cancer when he was 4 and a few years ago (he will be 10 next week) he landed in the hospital the week of halloween, so it was real up and down if the whole halloween would take place, and dont you know it, they DID let us out on halloween day however, he was too sick to be out and about and so our festivities were canceled, well dont you know it, a bunch of the kids took it upon themselves to grab an extra bag when they left for trick or treating, and at all the houses, said this is for Mikey, he is too sick to be with us, and they all showed up with TONSSSSSSSSSS of candy for him. His little face that was very sad all day turned into a million smiles. We are so grateful for our wonderful nabors and friends that helped us get through a tough holiday and years of rough times, and we are really looking forward to halloween this year! However the kids all said that the next day should be NO SCHOOL lol casue they will all have stomach aches!! i agree!!

  7. Laura says:

    What’s your funniest or happiest Halloween decorating, party hosting or trick-or-treat story? Hilarious mishaps? Costume malfunctions? (Please, keep it G-rated.) Old-fashioned family fun?
    My best Halloween story happened many, many years ago. I am originally from a tiny town of 500 people in New Hampshire, Every year we had a big party at the Town Hall. My folks didn't have much money then & we never, ever bought costumes. But, my mother was incredibly creative and could turn a piece of cardboard into something truly magical. One year she asked me what I wanted to be. I told her "a woodstove." And she made me the most amazing woodstove costume out of paper-mache. I could barely see a thing out of it so I kept banging into people. But, I didin't care. It had the coolest stove pipe and fake fire. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Now, that's the story of a small town girl :) .

  8. Care42us says:

    The best memory was a couple of years ago when a trick or treater's mom was trying to show her children there is nothing to be afraid of at our house on the front porch. My son was dressed up like a stuffed dummy scarecrow sitting by the door. She came up to the door with her children and my son moved. She was off the porch in a flash leaving her children standing on the porch wondering what the heck just happened. When the children rejoined her on the sidewalk, she told the children she's not going to any more scary doors with them. I swear she had to have leaped over a child or two and flew over the stairs to reach the sidewalk as quick as she did. Funniest part is, she'll send her children to scary doors without her!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    When my son was about 2 and a half we took him trick or treating and it was the first time he walked to the door and knocked on his own. He had the routine down, he knocked said trick or treat and bolted to the next house. We all laughed hysterically, since he forgot to wait for the candy ! He waited for the thump on the bottom of his pumpkin pail after that!

  10. Melissa says:

    Most memorable Halloween was when I lived in Salt Lake City and there was three feet of snow. All the kids had there winter coats, snow boots, hats and gloves on. You couldn't tell what anyone was dresses up like :) But the kids had a blast!

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