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One lucky Design Happens fan has a date with destiny in their near future in the form of Grandin Road‘s Life-Size Halloween Zombie Bride. Standing a dramatic 63 inches tall and with pronounced cheekbones like those, who wouldn’t want to bring this skeletal beauty home? Plus, she’s dressed to kill, decked out in her wedding day finest: “a midnight black and blood-red gown topped with a matching veil.”

Grandin Road - Life-Size Zombie Bride - HGTV design blog - halloween decoration

Nuptial bliss gone amiss marks week three of our series of fabulous and frightening Halloween decor giveaways from Grandin Road. So answer our question in the comments below before 12/11c Monday, October 10 to be entered in the sweepstakes.

Last week Shelley shared a Halloween decorating story that made me laugh out loud. One year her family’s style was “scary realism”. Her husband and her were police officers, and they used “real crime scene tape, body outlines on the concrete and fake blood… all of the neighbors thought we had killed each other.”

This week’s question: What’s your funniest or happiest Halloween decorating, party hosting or trick-or-treat story? Hilarious mishaps? Costume malfunctions? (Please, keep it G-rated.) Old-fashioned family fun?

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68 Responses

  1. derith mason says:

    Every year we host a big pumpkin carving and Halloween party. The only requirement is that people dress up scary… dont come to my house dressed as a M&M!!!!
    As our party is for everyone (singles, families) I always wonder how scary to dress, as not to scare other peoples kids so they have to go home…
    One of the first years we did this, my husband went to pick up our son from preschool while I got ready for the party. When they pulled up, I opened the door and my son ran screaming down the drive. He didnt quite understand to it was me dressed in the witch costume. Though it took some talking, he kind of got it that it was just a costume, and settled down. All the other kids thought it was cool.
    Lesson here: Who is this child that claims to be my kid and is afraid of Halloween? I suppose some traits are not biological.

  2. mary juszczak says:

    Isnt she pretty?

  3. susan says:

    We love Halloween at our house. It also means time for Knox County Drive in Ill. the best time of year, almost as good as Christmas, at least we can be outside and on the go, viewing the country side with all the different colors, just beautiful, you can't beat it.

  4. Susan P. says:

    A couple of Halloweens were really cold when we were little and we had to wear our coats over the costumes when we went out trick or treating.

  5. Kar Judd says:

    My best Halloween Memory is Just last year, entire block party, dressed up, dancing in the street! Pretty cool!

  6. AmyLou976 says:

    My happiest memories of Halloween are all decorating with my mom. Every holiday, even the less celebrated, she decorates the entire house. Halloween became my domain when I got older, around 11 I think. Mom and I would paint the front window with some spooky scene and I would rake leaves all day long to stuff my dad's clothes for my props. I can't help but think that part of that was maybe an excuse to get me to rake the lawn. After hanging cobwebs EVERYWHERE and getting all of our decorations in just the right place, I would place the fog machine in such a place as to insight optimum fear in our trick-or-treaters. With my dad's help of course. Unfortunately, my dad was a little too good at his job in all of the festivities and he sent many a kid screaming bloody murder from our door step.

  7. Jill says:

    The best Halloween for my family was when my son dressed up as a hooded skeleton and sat in a chair on the front pordn holding the candy dish without moving, and everytime a trick or treater came up to reach for the candy in the bowl, he came alive making scary noises! He was so good he even scared the parents and his sister! We had so much fun that night, we always go all out decorating if we can,

  8. Debra SimningChapman says:

    The first year my kids and I went trick or treating in the home we live in now. They were all dressed up, we had flshlights, and away we went. Wow! We were so impressed at the decorations and all the houses in our neighborhood. We have been thrilled to go out every year since!!

  9. Molly says:

    Funniest Halloween (old college) memory.. was helping my 2 brilliant college friends "un-saran wrap" themselves so they could use the bathroom. These were 2 guys that thought it would be funny to dress up simply with 2 black dots for their "privates" and wrap the rest of their naked bodies in saran wrap. Let's just say that they regretted wearing the "barely there" costume not only bec. it was freezing out but they didn't have enough room to make for their beer bellys!

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