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One lucky Design Happens fan has a date with destiny in their near future in the form of Grandin Road‘s Life-Size Halloween Zombie Bride. Standing a dramatic 63 inches tall and with pronounced cheekbones like those, who wouldn’t want to bring this skeletal beauty home? Plus, she’s dressed to kill, decked out in her wedding day finest: “a midnight black and blood-red gown topped with a matching veil.”

Grandin Road - Life-Size Zombie Bride - HGTV design blog - halloween decoration

Nuptial bliss gone amiss marks week three of our series of fabulous and frightening Halloween decor giveaways from Grandin Road. So answer our question in the comments below before 12/11c Monday, October 10 to be entered in the sweepstakes.

Last week Shelley shared a Halloween decorating story that made me laugh out loud. One year her family’s style was “scary realism”. Her husband and her were police officers, and they used “real crime scene tape, body outlines on the concrete and fake blood… all of the neighbors thought we had killed each other.”

This week’s question: What’s your funniest or happiest Halloween decorating, party hosting or trick-or-treat story? Hilarious mishaps? Costume malfunctions? (Please, keep it G-rated.) Old-fashioned family fun?

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68 Responses

  1. StacyinPort says:

    One year at our Halloween party we hung a battery operated, motion sensitve bat from the garage ceiling where the adult beverages were. It was great hearing my tough guy neighbor scream as he went to refill his beer.

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  3. Christina says:

    Every halloween I decorate the long narrow walkway along the side of my house and make kids trick or treat to the back yard. I usually have my teenage cousins around to help me, and sometimes my cousins like to hide inside the fabric folds of a prop to jump out and scare kids. What I generally find most amusing is the difference in the kinds of things that scare adults vs children! You can show an adult the most gruesome blood soaked ghoul and they know it isn't real, but toss in a fake rat and watch them scream!

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