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Today’s National Chess Day, so I’ll reveal my secret shame: I have no idea how to play chess. My dad tried to teach me when I was in grade school, and it didn’t stick. All I remember is Blitzkrieg (German for “lightning war”), which is the occasional name given to a four-move chess attack, and the fact that I was more interested in that term than the game itself is telling about me. But I digress.

chess bottle stoppers

I may not know how to play chess, but I do know how to enjoy wine, and these chess bottle stoppers from Kikkerland are perfect for preserving those half-full Cabernets I am left with at the end of the night. Are they pretty? Check. Are they practical? Check. Are they both? CHECKMATE.

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  3. beau10 says:

    The four-move checkmate is also called "fool's mate".

  4. Ann says:

    cork snapped off in bottle and crumbled on the first use

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