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Dave and Kyra Barry—who we’ve gotten to work with before—had a boring, kind of dull beach condo in Long Branch, New Jersey. It’s a family getaway with great views of the beach in a nice little town. We knew that Dave and Kyra really wanted us to be bold, so we really went for it, and didn’t hold back.

Novogratzes with the Barry family

The rooms were painted bright colors. The bedroom that we did for their teenage daughter was bright pink. We created a lagoon of color. Pink floors and pink walls! There are color-saturated walls and floors, and lots of texture in the carpeting, crazy wallpaper, and very 1960s accessories, furniture and lighting. We really had fun with it and turned a boring place into a real showplace. The great thing is that it’s way comfortable and easy to take care of – super easy and chill. The condo sings with color and fun. We even went whimsical in the bathroom. It went from vanilla to having a lot of personality.

all pink girls bedroom

You don’t have to be serious when designing your home. Do something a little crazy, take a risk, try something that isn’t you, and never settle for the expected. Style is about being a little daring sometimes.

Barry's master bedroom by the novogratzes

29 Responses

  1. Mary Peters says:

    I understand you cannot please everyone and to make interesting shows they need to be on the edge many times. We are huge fans of HGTV and love so many of the "end results" that this particular one absolutely made us groan with disdain. How that family could be persuaded to come into that living area with smiles on their faces is Academy Award material!! Really–that wall covering and floor covering was awful. Beach inspired??? Get real, I get Coastal Living magazine, and they would never include a page like that!!! Please tell me that someone else hated that room as much as we did. Not sure if I will watch another episode or not.

  2. DSC says:

    This show has to be part of Obama's job package. Nothing was right about how this condo was appointed. Bet it's already torn out and changed back to how it was. Two thumbs down. Sorry.

  3. Carnies on LSD says:

    WTF!! Where did these two get there degrees in interior design? Out of a Cracker Jack box? They look like carnies and design like they are on LSD. How can anyone within their right mind continue to tell these two crazies that they are interior designers? They need to stop, go home and have more kids. If seems that they can at least do that very well. :-) . HGTV take this show off the air!!!

  4. Gripp says:

    Amazing, and great to see Dave's family after all the other times he's collaborated with the Novos. Nice to see that the next generation is being raised with a sense of style. ;) Brilliant!

  5. Barry's has the BEST deals in town!!!!!!

  6. Susan says:

    Where can I get the pink mosaic wall hanging that is in the daughters bedroom???? My 10 year old loves it!!! If anyone knows, please reply

  7. Debby says:

    I love all the color. Great job! HGTV has too much beige for my taste. I'm so tired of hearing about 'warm colors' and neutrals. Lighten up everyone, it's a beach house. It's supposed to be bright and fun.

  8. Niki says:

    I saw part of this episode (which is also the first and last time seeing the show) just in time to watch these two turn a wonderful antique table into a garish disposable decorator piece. While I support decorating with antiques and am a huge fan of finding treasures that you can transition into your own style and life; I am GREATLY against repurposing pieces which have no fatal flaw and then destroying their historical value. While the golden and cherub endowed piece that these two found may not have been to their taste, the piece had no notable flaws (or if it did they were not mentioned) and was then painted a horrifying turquoise color-something that now renders the piece undesirable to [most] others.
    Antiques can be wonderful pieces to decorate with, and their construction is generally far superior to most new-construction pieces, but destroying the integrity of an intact genuine article is not advisable- there are thousands of sub-par articles with flaws that render them nearly useless to the collectors looking for pristine pieces- tables with chipped legs, gold flaking off, previously panted or any other assortment of flaws which make THESE pieces prime candidates for repurposing and reusing. The previously un-lovable cast offs which languish in the dusty corners of many stores or haunt the backs of most dealers booths or trucks are pieces that can and should be converted to meet your needs.

    • Jerin says:

      In general I agree with you, and personally I would not have painted the table turquoise, but you also have to take into account the quality of the piece. I didn't get a good look at it, but weren't they in a junk shop? That piece probably wasn't an antique, and likely was a cheesy reproduction. If it had had any real age or value, I doubt they would have altered it. They're not Dorothy Draper advising people to cut the legs off a Sheraton chair.

  9. juanita says:

    Where can I buy thoose carpet tile? I luv them!

  10. shugar says:

    love the new hgtv maf. Finally info to find all the great products. I mag I will subscribe to

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