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Dave and Kyra Barry—who we’ve gotten to work with before—had a boring, kind of dull beach condo in Long Branch, New Jersey. It’s a family getaway with great views of the beach in a nice little town. We knew that Dave and Kyra really wanted us to be bold, so we really went for it, and didn’t hold back.

Novogratzes with the Barry family

The rooms were painted bright colors. The bedroom that we did for their teenage daughter was bright pink. We created a lagoon of color. Pink floors and pink walls! There are color-saturated walls and floors, and lots of texture in the carpeting, crazy wallpaper, and very 1960s accessories, furniture and lighting. We really had fun with it and turned a boring place into a real showplace. The great thing is that it’s way comfortable and easy to take care of – super easy and chill. The condo sings with color and fun. We even went whimsical in the bathroom. It went from vanilla to having a lot of personality.

all pink girls bedroom

You don’t have to be serious when designing your home. Do something a little crazy, take a risk, try something that isn’t you, and never settle for the expected. Style is about being a little daring sometimes.

Barry's master bedroom by the novogratzes

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  1. Susan says:

    whats up with this website??? don't the producers or hosts of the show ever check the comments written here? it would be nice if someone could reply back as to where one can purchase things seen on the show!

  2. GreenV girl says:


  3. darathome says:

    I couldn't click off the pictures quick enough, it's warped.

  4. JEN D. says:


  5. Marina says:

    Love everything what they doing ! I wish they can do my house !

  6. Janell Larocque says:

    I am sorry that it does not appear that comments are monitored.

    I would like to know more about the rocking chair in the daugthers room. My husband has early onset dementia and is sooothed with motion. The movement in the chair might get him to sit longer than a few minutes and when he falls asleep I could stick an ottoman under his legs.

  7. Mir says:

    Where can I get the plexiglass letter art

  8. cdupuis says:

    I love the plexiglass letter art – would love to know where to get it.

  9. marci says:

    what is the name of the black and white floral wallpaper? Who makes it and where can it be purchased?


  10. suzanne says:

    Novigrratz? I don't think so. Novim design is WAY too hommADE! i GUESS THEY GET IT FROM THEiIR KIDDS. 7 UGLY KIDS DON'T MAKE IT FOR ME.

    PLEASE STOP PROCREATING NOVO. seven kids from very ugly parents is not right.

    My peepee hurts and I'm sure novograrz will lick t

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