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Years back when I lived in a downtown loft, I painted my bathroom kelly green. It was about six months later that I realized people hated using my bathroom simply because it made them look ugly. How so? The green walls bounced a green glare onto people’s skin as they looked in the mirror. Throw in some bad lighting, and you’ve got a recipe for major image issues. Many times I tell people that this was when I learned not only how color affects moods, but also that lighting is sometimes the most important element in any space.

A few months ago, I discovered a (new to me) lighting company. Fast forward three months, I now find myself calling in orders about once a week. The company? Crystorama. From transitional style pendants to formal chandeliers, welded rose bouquet globes to iron style fixtures that look like helices, I’ve been using their well-made, phenomenally-priced pieces on projects from Brooklyn to Biscayne Bay. If you’re stumped on a source for lighting online that won’t kill your budget, take a look-see at some of the wonderful styles available from Cystorama. Thanks to them, I can possibly paint a room green. This time, light sage instead of kelly green.
Astro Collection

The first style I fell madly in love is the Astro. It’s made of English iron and works beautifully in mid-century modern settings. Its graphic lines and fun ball-shaped finials really allow it to pop from the rest of a room’s design elements. Kinda like showing up to a black and white party wearing a hot pink dress with canary yellow shoes…in a good way. For an extra ounce of the unexpected, consider having a professional refinisher spray this hot momma in a bold-colored automotive, fixture-friendly finish.
Palla Collection

Palla is made from silver leaf wrought iron. Its globe-like shape and range of sizes make it ideal for spaces both traditional and modern. Sure, the Palla is on the feminine side, but it’s an excellent way to add a gal’s touch to an otherwise masculine or gender-neutral room.
Mercer Collection

Hand polished crystal and wrought iron, anyone? If you said yes, then the Mercer is right up your well-illuminated alley. This show stopper, while not for everybody, is a much cleaner alternative to grand entryway chandeliers often too stuffy. Its sleek, clean appearance makes it ideal for just about any style of architecture.
Solaris Collection

While old world orbs are insanely popular right now, there’s an elegance to Crystorama’s Solaris collection which sports the same overall style. My personal favorite is the silver finish; however, the dark iron option can give the same fixture a much more rustic or heavy, traditional look. Wanna know something that is NOT traditional? The fact that I eat Fruit Loops in bed at 3pm in the afternoon.
Odette CollectionThe English bronze wrought iron Odette chandelier would make Frank Lloyd Wright proud. With graphic, kinda-sorta arts-and-craft-ish lines, the hefty fixture comes in three different sizes certain to fit any type of room, be it a living room, dining space or a large entry. Speaking of entryways, mine is packed with props from the 29 photo shoots I just wrapped from three back-to-back weeks of shooting editorial for HGTV. Guess how many of those vases are now broken? Less than twenty but more than four. That is all I will say.
Luxo Collection

And there’s Luxo. This crown jewel totally elevated a little girl’s room in Fort Lauderdale from pretty to I-wish-my-daughter-would-grow-up-quickly-so-I-can-live-in-this-room status. Pair this lady with gray and lavender, and you’ve got yourself one hella-gorg gal space.

Okay, now that you’ve been introduced to Crystorama, anyone else got any other amazeballs online sources for great lighting that won’t require a second mortgage for purchase?

Tell me, tell me in the comments below.

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  1. MizzyD says:

    Now THESE are great ideas for Freebie Fridays! Unfortunately I have nothing to offer in terms of suggestions, but if anybody has a good idea for a side mounted chandelier (long, strange story), let me know! Palla is my big favourite…

  2. elizabeth traub says:

    Palla is my favorite. I am going to email this to a client. We have two lighting needs on either side of her soaking tub. These would be perfect. Thanks for the source. Lighting is really important in any room. I think it's often understated.

  3. whistlerpotpie says:

    Gah! We just bought Terrapin Green to paint our bedroom. Will we look hideous?

    And Horchow has some awesome lights. Some hideous ones, too. But we have this one and lurve it: http://www.horchow.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?i

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  5. ranjan2012 says:

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