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As you know, teal is our October Color of the Month. Many of you agreed it is the perfect color for fall, and I have to say, I happily agree. I was all about mustard-yellow going into October, but I think I’ve found a new favorite color. My nails are painted a glossy shade of teal. I recently picked up a deep teal dress. And now I think I can finally say goodbye to summer without too much separation anxiety, all thanks to my new best friend. The hue instantly struck a vintage chord in my mind. Retro teal electrics, hand-blown glass and mid-century modern kitchen wares. Check out some of my favorite vintage teal finds.

Entertaining with the Color of the Month: Let’s Talk Teal

HGTV Color of the Month October Teal Colors Etsy Accessories Teal Trending Color HGTV Design Blog Design HappensAll from ETSY: 1. Vintage Avon Fish Cologne Bottle :: FunVintageLiving  2. Vintage Swingline Stapler :: WiseApple  3. Vintage Boston Champion Pencil Sharpener :: swagJUICE  4. Large Samsonite Biscayne Luggage :: theoldgoat  5. Retro Motorola Electric Clock :: BeatriceinBlue  6. Cathrinehom White and Teal Lotus Cooking Pan :: MidModMomStore  7. Nelson McCoy Vase :: alamodern  8. Mid-Century Modern Chair :: SocietyInc  9. Vintage China Dish :: vintagebitsandpieces  10. Vintage Ceramic Plates :: thecupcakekid

In what form would you most likely use teal in your home? Slathered across your walls in a shade from your favorite paint collection? In bold accents? A dose of vintage fun?

Tell us in the comments below.


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11 Responses

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  2. Anna@HGTV says:

    I remember pencil sharpeners like that from elementary school…but they were an ugly green in the 70s. The teal makes me smile!

    • Yes, the pencil sharpener caught my attention too. I totally remember those from elementary school and just LOVED to sharpen my pencil with it, spinning the handle as fast as I possibly could. I wonder how many of them are still in "elementary school existence"? I think I want one for my office now. Hey, I already have pops of teal in my office. It would be another "accent".

      BTW, I was for a yellow October color too Kayla but maybe that will show up in November. :)

    • CplusE says:

      I still have a pencil sharpener like that, only mine is all grey — I have had it for years, but I refuse to say exactly how many! I didn't even know they came in pretty colors, but they do work extremely well and obviously last forever.

  3. Ann Porter, CKD says:

    The suitcases make me think of my Grandmother. I have a similar swingline stapler – but it's not in such a cool color but I love the size of it.

  4. ElizabethGray says:

    Wow, I LOVE the clock! I "need" it for my bedroom. Maybe next to a teal accent wall?!

  5. Lisa says:

    Digging the October color of the month, teal. It's a serious pop of color, moving away from the traditional colors of fall, the reds, golds etc.

  6. Laura says:

    So what are some of the best paint brand equivalents to these?

  7. Glenda says:

    About paint brands….. I do not like valspar, which is all Lowes has. It seems to separate and is difficulte for me to spread. Any suggestions?

  8. newsnahewy says:

    pretty good…fuckin' nice

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