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All of our recent Freebie Fridays giveaways were chosen to get you ready for October 31st, whether you’re hosting a huge Halloween party or welcoming a handful of timid trick-or-treaters. The fourth and final installment of our awesome Grandin Road Halloween decoration giveaway spectacular hails from ancient Greece.

Ever since the 1981 Clash of the Titans, I’ve held a particular fear of Medusa. So will visitors to your haunted lair when the motion sensor is activated, the snakes begin to writhe and hiss and Medusa’s beckons them to look deep into her eyes.

Grandin Road - Animated Medusa Head - HGTV design blog - Halloween decorations

Leave us a comment before 12/11c on Monday, October 17 to be entered into the sweepstakes to win the Medusa Halloween decoration.

While you could simply type “boo” to be entered in the giveaway since the winner is randomly selected, it’s more fun when you answer our questions! This week, you get to pick:

What’s your best DIY Halloween decorating tip?


What’s scarier and why? Zombies, poltergeist, Frankenstein, aliens and UFOs, sea monsters like the Kraken, the headless horseman, Freddy Krueger…?

Click for official rules.



58 Responses

  1. KYRA says:

    I will say the "28 Days Later" zombies are pretty dang scary………..the fact they are so fast, and full of rage……….I had nightmares about that film for weeks=(

  2. neal trautloff says:

    Zombies are scarier especially if theyre realistic

  3. Joni says:

    Altho slashers, like Freddie, Jason, Pumpkinhead,etc. are scary; the thing that gives me nightmares are zombies. Not the Bella Legose kind, but Night of the Living Dead kind. Even in Black and White it freaked me out. Now all the newer types of zombies are out and they're bad because they're faster.
    By the way, the second season of The Walking Dead is on Sunday, AMC. Can't wait!!!

  4. @DIYandSAVE says:

    My best decorating tip? Dress as a Zombie <a href="http://(http://www.diypics.com/latex)” target=”_blank”>(http://www.diypics.com/latex) and sit on the couch, turn off the lights, and watch a movie.

  5. Holly says:


  6. Gin says:

    Eek! I think paranomal-type monsters are the scariest!

  7. HeatherM says:

    Poltergeists are the scariest, as they are unseen and their presence can be created to effect pretty well with decoration… Fans blowing cobwebs and black drapey fabric is pretty scary in a haunted house when you can't see around the corner and something… happens… out of the corner of your eye!

  8. Heather says:

    I store my Halloween decorations in an orange and black tub, so its easy to find!

  9. KrystalGosch says:

    I can not really pick a favorite DIY decorating tip, I love all of them! :)

  10. jill bruschi says:

    this medussa head is the scariest:)

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