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Texas and I are lovers. The first time i went there was a few months ago to shoot my HGTV’d episode in Austin. I spent a week there and fell in mad, hot, Texan love for that city, the people and that crazy yet unpretentious culture.

<img title="I

I <3 Texas

I went two stepping at Gruen Hall (one of the oldest live-music, dance halls in the country) the very first night, and that was kinda the end of it….or the beginning of it. It was nothing short of magical.

So when HGTV emailed and asked if i would want to go to the Round Top antique show in Texas I remember thinking, ‘UH….. Does a librarian like books? Do cops like doughnuts???….DOES KIM KARDASHIAN LIKE MASCARA?????? YEAH!! YES!! YES!!! YES!!! I WANT TO GO TO TEXAS TO GO ANTIQUING!!!!

You betcha, I do.

Emily Henderson at Round Top Antiques Fair

Hi, HGTV friends!

And it was awesome. HGTV set up a booth for shoppers just to drink water, relax, hang out and for two hours meet with yours truly. Round Top has SEVENTEEN miles of antiques. I mean, are you kidding me? It’s the Super Bowl of antique shows, the Olympics of flea markets, the Academy Awards of thrift. You could spend a week here and not see everything. So having a booth in the shade where people could relax and drink free cold water was actually super appreciated by a lot of shoppers.

So the thing about being a designer on TV is that its not the ‘being on tv’ that is fun. It’s not like i sit watching Secrets From a Stylist and elbow my friends and say over and over, ‘hey thats me, isn’t this fun to just watch me?’. Designing is always fun, running a crew is totally fun, having HGTV pay for me to redo rooms and make people really happy is a total blast, but the fun really comes when people come up to you, write to you, stop you in the street and say, ‘I love your show so much because you help me make my home prettier’, and then they go off on why and how.

Secrets From a Stylist: Gunnin’ for Style

Its unprovoked and completely genuine. And that’s why its fun to have a tv show, because its not just you and one client at a time any more. Whenever i feel kinda worried about the future of SFAS i just read some comments on the blog and wham, i feel so good again.

Emily Henderson and fans at Round Top Antiques Fair

Hanging out at the booth with my incredible fans.

So for a few hours the booth was dedicated to anyone who wanted to meet and talk to little old me and it was totally incredible to hang out with all these people who appreciate what I work so hard on. The line was out the door and there were so many people that legitimately couldn’t wait to hang out.

For instance:
I met Jessi, who genuinely was excited to tell me that she was my number 1 fan, and she wasn’t just saying that. There is a ‘Jessi’ that comments a lot on my blog and indeed it was her. She was incredibly sweet and made me feel really good by telling me that she has learned more from my show than four years of Interior Design school.

Emily Henderson and Jessi at Round Top Antiques Fair

Me and Jessi

So sweet and i’m so happy she drove a long way just to meet me.

Emily Henderson and newlyweds at Round Top Antiques Fair

Adorable newlyweds

Then there was this adorable couple who told me how much i helped them as newlyweds design their first house together. I mean, thats the good stuff, people.

Secrets From a Stylist: Best Makeovers From Season 2

Of course there was the very occasional person who just got in a line to get an autograph. It was hilarious because i would say, ‘Hi! i’m Emily’ and they would say, ‘i’m julie’, we’d shake hands and then Julie would be silent as she handed me the post card to autograph and i would see the look of utter blankness in her eyes – not a flicker of recognition. It was totally awkward but actually hilarious. It would be like me standing in line to get free coupons to baby formula. I don’t need baby formula, i don’t have a baby…. but since everyone else is……

But one of the best things was meeting Jolie from the Junk Gypsies. Now if you haven’t heard of the Junk Gypsies yet, get yourself to Texas and whisper those two words and you’ll be bombarded by fans telling you how great they are. They are HUGE vintage sellers, jewelry designers and general amazing personalities in Texas – and the best part is that they are coming to an HGTV channel near you.

Junk Gypsies truck

Makes me wanna go antiquing.

That’s right. They have a new show on HGTV that has a sneak peek on Facebook on November 25th, with a TV sneak on November 27th.

Little junk gypsies

Little junk gypsies

Amie was out sick sadly for both of us, but Jolie was awesome to meet – totally normal, funny, down to earth, young and overall just lovely and adorable.

Jolie -- half of  the Junk Gypsy team

Jolie -- half of the Junk Gypsy team

Emily Henderson and Jolie Sikes-Smith

Jolie and me, having a blast

So the daytimes were full of shopping and meeting really nice people, and the nighttimes were full of this:

Third Base bar

Welcome to Third Base

With these awesome chicks, Anne, Julie, Corbett, me and Connie…..and that VERY happy guy behind us which i just noticed. I think his name is Lurky McLurkison. He’s from Lurk-town USA, and got his degree from Lurking University…. in Lurkanomics.

Emily Henderson and friends at Third Base bar

Hi, Lurky!

Oh and these are my new boyfriends……WAIT, that’s LURKY!!! I just realized, except his name is actually Cody and he was adorable and sweet and thought i was 23. (flip it and reverse it).

Emily Henderson, Cody and friends at Third Base bar, Round Top Antiques Fair

More Lurky

And we listened to these guys: Jon Von Liederhosen and this other singer who was awesome.

Jon Von Liederhosen at Round Top Antiques Fair

Meet Jon Von Liederhosen.

And I talked about how blondes really do have more fun with Michael Bolton:

Emily Henderson and Not!Michael Bolton at Round Top Antiques Fair

What's cookin', good lookin?

I love that we look like we are in love.

It was a total blast. We stayed at this amazing Bed and Breakfast called ‘The Knittel Inn’ in Burton, Texas. The next day I woke up and shopped from 10-8pm with my girlfriends.

More of Emily’s Boho-Chic Designs

The day before i had shopped on camera but didn’t really do much official rogue, on my own, ‘let me touch everything individually even though i may not purchase anything’ kinda shopping. And for me, going to the Round Top and not going shopping would be like Snookie going to a tanning salon just to sit in the waiting room – its pretty much impossible, and cruel.

Overall, it was an incredible weekend and i had some major scores including this guy:

Hand table from Round Top Antiques Fair

Give yourself a hand!

…which i’ve wanted for a while (its a stool/side table and its incredible).

I also scored a ton of dollhouse furniture for the I’m a Giant blog challenge, where myself and a ton of other bloggers and readers are designing our dream homes, except on a 1″ scale. I walked into most booths and immediately asked, ‘Hi. Do you have any dollhouse furniture?,’ which was received with a funny look and was told pretty often, ‘Not with me…i got a ton at home but nobody buys that anymore, so i didn’t bring it’. Words like acid filled daggers.

But sho ’nuff, we hit the mother load and 7pm on day two:

Dollhouse furniture at Round Top Antiques Fair

Y'all might not want it, but I do!

I salivated, then I panicked. I was there with another blogger/challenger (and one of my best friends, Corbett, www.girl-domestic.com) and we were both trying to keep it cool and pretend like we weren’t totally freaking out, terrified that each other would find and claim that vintage silk chaise lounge first. Which she did. And i’m not going to lie, i was legitimately upset for like 2 minutes.

Check out the progress of the challenge and what i bought at the Round Top on my blog stylebyemilyhenderson.com

I miss Texas already.

Sure, Texas and i might have some differences but ultimately i always have the best time because everyone in Texas is always down for a good time. I mean, the only job that would be better than my current job is getting paid to antique during the day and dance in leather boots to feel good music at night in 80 degree weather, with burly men in cowboy hats and good girlfriends who love to good time.

Texas, Forever.



30 Responses

  1. Donna says:

    I loved this post! I live in Texas and have heard all about Round Top but I have never been there. I did not know, however, that it was seventeen miles long! I see a trip to Round Top in my future now! Oh, and I would like to give you a big hand for your stool/side table but you already have one. An awesome one too! Good find. D~~~~

  2. Joanne Palmisano says:

    Love this blog post. So real and fun! Dying to go to that Antique Fair. Maybe HGTV will want to give you some help Emily — you know — to pass out drinks or something. They'll say — how about we send that Salvage Secrets chick along with you — see looks like fun! Or at least that's what they are saying in my mind.

    Keep up the great posts!
    Author, Salvage Secrets

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  4. Julie says:

    Emily! Love this post! I am a Texan and I love that you love our Lone Star State! It truly is the best place on Earth :) I have yet to venture to the mecca of Round Top yet, but it is on my bucket list for sure. I love your show and reading your blog posts so thanks for being you and all that you inspire.

  5. DoJoMath says:

    Arggggg……I so would have been at Round Top if I knew you were there! I love your show so much and I really like the new format. We have another great place in Texas for antiquing- Canton, you will have to check it out next time!

  6. samc says:

    Emily is kooky, comfortable & real. Sometimes I find her to be somewhat indecisive & a little lacking in the confidence department. But, that's what I like about her! She is REAL! She seems to be my girlfriend, we can talk & go out for drinks. I enjoy her show & sense of style.

  7. Laura says:

    @Emily–I went to high school with Cody and the two other guys. They are genuinely nice guys!! Glad you had fun in my hometown, Burton!! There is nothing like small town Texas!!

  8. jolie sikes says:

    EMiLY!!! my new BFF!!! thanks sooo much for this blog post and for coming to texas to the beST antiques show EvER! we WERE so excited to have you in TeXAS!
    had a blast meeting you and talkin' shop! let's do it again sometime soon!
    there's soooo much more of TeXAS to show you!
    TeXaS FOReVER!
    jolie sikes

  9. al40yearoldintern says:

    love this post! sounds like my ultimate fantasy! well, that and spending a day picking with those guys in iowa!

  10. Katherynn says:

    Yay! So glad Emily had such a great time! As a Texan, I always rejoice at another convert! :) I've heard about the antiques at round top, but had no idea that it was so big! I definitely have to go! LOVE that hand stool/side table.. how fab! Thanks for going and covering the awesomness that is Texas, and this antique fair!


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