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There’s only one time of year when I sort of, kind of like spiders, and that’s Halloween. Perhaps accept them would be more accurate, because they’re fun to decorate with. Don’t you think? That and eyeballs. Who knew that body parts and insects would become such enticing household decor one month out of the year? If you love to incorporate creepy-crawlies into your home, then you’ll love to “scare” your Halloween party or dinner guests with them even more.

Pumpkin-Carving Templates, Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Decorations and Party Ideas

Halloween How To Spider Napkin Rings Halloween Entertaining Design Blog HGTV

Give your next gathering a spooky touch with these felt and pom-pom spider napkin rings. This project is perfect for little hands but sophisticated enough for teen and adult gatherings. Plus, who can resist those googly eyes?

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HGTV Halloween How To Chalkboard Serving Tray Halloween Entertaining Design Blog HGTV

Halloween party hosting will be a breeze with this eerie chalkboard serving tray. To make it, simply apply primer to an old or unfinished wooden serving tray, sand any uneven areas, paint with chalkboard paint and prepare the tray for writing by covering in chalk and then rubbing clean. The scarier the drawings, the more frightened your guests will be.

Get the Full Chalkboard Serving Tray How-To Here >>

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Let us know how your projects turn out (and how your guests respond).


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