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“Could you be/the most beautiful colander in the world?” is what Prince would sing if he saw the Ziva Colander, I am pretty sure. Frankly, the colander is such an overlooked workhorse in the kitchen that I’m glad designer Anna Rabinowicz gave it an inspired makeover.

ziva colander

The look was influenced by sea fan corals, which gives the strainer a lovely organic feel, even as the shiny finish of the stainless steel glams it up. It’s pricier than all the plain colanders out there, to be sure, but thinking about also using it as a fruit bowl on the counter or serving bowl for bread at dinner parties does make such a splurge tempting…

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  1. CplusE says:

    A colander and a work of art all in one — I love it! I'm not sure I would spend so much on a colander though. Horse lover that I am, I have been eyeing this colander for a while now:


    It's even on sale and is quite reasonable — maybe I will get this one and wait to see if the Ziva colander goes on sale. Both are attractive enough to use as bowls as well as colanders, so I could find a use for both of them (they wouldn't even have to stay in the kitchen)!

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  3. MizzyD says:

    $200 for a colander? Ouch! Even if it were $20, it wouldn't make my kitchen, I have approx 4 feet of countertop space and every inch is precious, and something that pretty is just asking to be kept on display. Maybe if I had glass door cabinets….

  4. Zookeeper says:

    $200… No way!

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