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You know those types of people who refuse to eat at chain restaurants and/or look down on others for eating carbs or foods that are processed like Pop Tarts or cheese cubes? Well, I kinda realized I was the home shopping equivalent in reference to buying furniture from retail stores. Where the hell else would someone buy furniture if not at a retail store? Thanks for asking; the answer is flea markets, thrift stores, vintage stores, antique markets, Craigslist, high design showrooms and custom workrooms. But since I was introduced to the magical world that is Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams through my superstylist friend Annette, I can’t get enough of the national chain, and neither can my clients.

As a designer who often has insanely short timelines for projects meant for TV-based content, I kinda-sorta always need my furniture yesterday. Sure, there are plenty of retailers which stock most of their pieces locally; however, I’m OCD about not using sofas or armchairs people have seen fifty times in the past month. ENTER Mitch and Bob. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is packed with custom-looking pieces at medium-to-high price-points, many which are available in three weeks. This is way better than the average 12-16 week lead time it takes to have custom pieces done. For those of you unfamiliar with this genius brand, allow me to introduce you to some of the magic that is MG + BW. Well, after I scarf down some Pop Tarts, then share processed cheese cubes with my friends, that is.

Rennie Collection

Since a good amount of my clients live in the city, they’re usually tight on space. Well, unless they are filthy rich. In that case, their dogs and cats have more square footage than I do. But I digress, armless sofas are a godsend when trying to take up less visual space. The Rennie collection saves space stylishly with its classic pulled tufts and stocked color way of steel blue. PS: As of five weeks ago, I’ve been on a steel blue kick. I have no idea where the hell it came from, but I do know that violet and plum, my previous colors of choice, must really despise steel blue right now.

Dr Pitt Sectional

Right now I am very lucky to have two of the best clients ever. So much that I will give them shout outs: Alex, you are very, very good and fun and smart and nice. And J.D. (who has no idea who Alex is or vice versa), I especially enjoy your allowing me to cover your walls in crocodile and build a modern fireplace clad with faux horn. What the hell does this have to do with MG + BW’s Dr. Pitt slipcovered sectional? Well, I’m currently using it in J.D.’s place. Originally, we’d looked into custom sectionals in a very similar style which came to $9,000. Depending on the configuration, the Dr. Pitt can seat 8 to 10 people for roughly $5,000. As it’s shown in the picture, it’s more like $6,000, but not everyone needs the center section; I chose to leave that off. That ain’t bad for something that looks 100% custom, that’s also washable and doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style and vice versa.

Kendal Sectional

Here’s the beauty I’m having delivered next week for my aforementioned client, Alex. For $3,320, you’re getting something super classic, ideal for transitional interiors, that’s also kid-friendly. And the Kendall sectional comes in the perfect gray tone. That is all I have to say about this. Thank you so much, now onto the next photo.

Vandyke Cocktail Table

The Vandyke cocktail table with its satin brass base kinda-sorta makes for home furnishings ecstasy. It’s currently on sale for $944 and looks like something made just for you, one-of-a-kind with mid-century flair. I would very much like to buy this for you, but I do not know your address. Sorry.

Lawson Chest

You know those humdrum, sometimes-tacky media chests that almost all major retail furniture stores sell? Yeah, well forget about those. MG + BW carries the Lawson chest that can be used for many purposes; however, sticking a flat panel over it and shoving those eyesore-ish components inside and out of sight seems the best of all. This is one of those investment pieces you can’t go wrong with. Use it now for media, then mix things up later on by using it as an entry console. Wow, look at me telling you what to do with your own home. I’m kinda pushy, huh?

Ashton Leather Chair

Anyone who thinks wingbacks are only for grandpas should feast their eyes on the transitional loveliness that is the Ashton leather chair. In a blue-grey leather finish with nail head detail, baby boomers are certain to appreciate this just as much as Generation X-ers. And if they don’t, well that is just too bad.

Speaking of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, has anyone bought anything there they recommend looking into?

Tell me, and everyone else, in the comments below.

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  1. MizzyD says:

    I haven't bought anything, but after cruising their site, I would kill for the Finlay Dining Bench, however I would need a circular wall and round table….. awesome though

    • Mindy Drucker says:

      Hello–possibly because I'm Director of Communications for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, know some people who have the Finley Bench…all with a round table, but none lucky enough to have a circular wall–though am sure that would look great!

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  3. isa acosta says:

    wonderfull i like.

  4. Love the Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams website! This is the first time I heard of them & I can't wait to shop! I have just started looking for a new sofa and the sofa you mentioned fits the bill. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

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  7. MRH says:

    Just purchased the Jordan sectional…it's beautiful and functional! I know my family will get a lot of use out of it. We'll be back for more too!

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