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Guess who’s coming to dinner? Your family and friends, this holiday season, that’s who.  And, for one lucky winner, four of those holiday guests will be sitting on these modern-classic Thonet chairs from Bauhaus2YourHouse. Based on the design from modern classic furniture pioneer Michael Thonet, these streamlined beauties will look just as home alongside a traditional dining set as they do by an Eero Saarinen tulip table.


Bentwood Armchairs - Bauhaus2YourHouse - HGTV Freebie Fridays design blog

Chairs like these – with a bentwood frame, a woven cane back and a gingko chocolate faux leather seat — will elevate your Thanksgiving dining room (or heck, any-room) decor, and keep Uncle Bernard from dwelling on a few pesky lumps in the gravy. Okay, maybe not that last part, but they’ll be comfy enough to carry to the living room for some post-meal board games or football-watching, whatever your pleasure. To be entered for a chance to win the set of four Thonet chairs, simply leave us a comment in the field below before 12/11c on Monday, October 24.

This week’s question: What has been your most memorable Thanksgiving (good or bad)? Did you catch the garage on fire with a deep-fryer? Eat Chinese food on the floor of your new house with a few good friends? Make the best cranberry sauce ever? Tell us now.

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149 Responses

  1. Megan Guerrero says:

    a recent Thanksgiving memory was 2 years ago when I was newly pregnant and going to make the announcement to my parents that night. My Dad was making the gravy and i started to 'test' it. Well i started gulping it down by the spoonful, and my Dad guessed our announcement before the meal was ready :) And then i was sick for the rest of the night…. but still a funny memory!

  2. Joan says:

    My son was eleven months old and I was expecting my daughter on December 5th. I took on hosting the holiday because the idea of travelling all over to celebrate was just too much. I prepared the meal and all our family members arrived. As my husband started to carve the turkey, I discovered that I was in labor! I did not want to rush to the hospital because my son's delivery took 31 hours and I thought I would be more comfortable at home. Because I was so busy preparing Thanksgiving, I did not notice that it had begun snowing, so, by the time I decided to head out it was a full-on New England blizzard. We could not drive up the hill to the hospital. What should have been a ten minute trip took thirty minutes and I barely made it into a room before my daughter arrived. Both she and I were fine and now we have a Thanksgiving story that gets told (and often embellished) every year.

  3. V Du says:

    Most memorable Thanksgiving was probably last year. Not from the meal itself but waiting in line during Black Friday to get a 55" TV. It was crazy, the craziest day ever. People going crazy over every little thing and trust me you don't want to cut in line, be warned! I don't think I would ever do it again.

  4. Rose says:

    One year,,I guess I was so exhausted from being up all night cooking and preparing our dinner,,that when it came time to check on the turkey I placed a towel on the opened oven door to move the hot glass baking dish the turkey was cooking in, so as not to cause it to break,,I remember checking it and placing it back into the oven to finish cooking,,and closed the oven door.. Minutes later my nephew comes in the kitchen,,looks in the oven door window and then says to me,,"Hey Auntie, is that towel supposed to be in the oven with the turkey, and is it supposed to be on fire?",,,,,,,,,Yeah, that was a year to remember,,,acting quickly,,,,we didn't have to call the fire department,,,,,it was the best,,,,Thanksgiving our family has had,,,we laughed so hard,,,,can't wait for the next one,,,,every year,,

  5. emily w says:

    The most memorable was my daughter's first Thanksgiving! I knew what i truly felt like to be thankful for something!

  6. Heidi K. says:

    We'd just moved into a new apartment and sat on the floor together eating delivery pizza. It was delicious! Such a fun memory!

  7. Vanessa says:

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was last year when emotions were as high as they could be because I was going to be moving out of my best friends house and it was going to be our last Thanksgiving together, tear. So we had planned that we were going to cook everything together but things changed and she had to work so I was left cooking everything, all the sides to the turkey!!! And it was my time cooking a Thanksgiving dinner ALONE, I was freaking out. And her entire family was coming for dinner and half of mine so as you can imagine my heart was pounding out of my chest, I wanted everything to be perfect and taste delicious. Well, I pulled it off! Everything was ready on time and the turkey was amazing, (thank you Alton Brown your recipe worked perfectly).

  8. ellenh says:

    Probably the time I was living overseas and couldn't find a turkey in the market to save my life. I started crying on the way home from the market and realized that I was finally experiencing culture shock, it wasn't just that I was crying over poultry. I ended up roasting a chicken and finding some turkey breasts to cook as well. Then turkeys showed up in the market a month later. In later years when i was living there I was able to find a turkey…. But that first year I made do with what I had and was able to share my beloved holiday with lots of my foreign friends, who really enjoyed it. They loved taking a day just to celebrate thankfulness.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Every thanksgiving my family had dinner at my aunt's house. Her husband is a chef – so the food is always incredible. After dinner, in true Asian fashion, we sing karaoke. In 2006, my husband stopped singing in the middle of the song he was singing, and got down on one knee and proposed to me. It was great having all my family there to witness it. I will always remember that day!

  10. suziesws says:

    Years ago My (now ex) husband and I planned a quiet thanksgiving just the two of us. we kept noticing the living room seemed smoky but could not figure out why. much later in the evening, with my husband sleeping on the sofa, I walked into the living room to find flames shooting up between the face of the fireplace and the hearth. The fire dept. quickly got it under control, although one fireman wanted to rip the siding off our house. . Luckily his boss didn't allow that.

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