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Guess who’s coming to dinner? Your family and friends, this holiday season, that’s who.  And, for one lucky winner, four of those holiday guests will be sitting on these modern-classic Thonet chairs from Bauhaus2YourHouse. Based on the design from modern classic furniture pioneer Michael Thonet, these streamlined beauties will look just as home alongside a traditional dining set as they do by an Eero Saarinen tulip table.


Bentwood Armchairs - Bauhaus2YourHouse - HGTV Freebie Fridays design blog

Chairs like these – with a bentwood frame, a woven cane back and a gingko chocolate faux leather seat — will elevate your Thanksgiving dining room (or heck, any-room) decor, and keep Uncle Bernard from dwelling on a few pesky lumps in the gravy. Okay, maybe not that last part, but they’ll be comfy enough to carry to the living room for some post-meal board games or football-watching, whatever your pleasure. To be entered for a chance to win the set of four Thonet chairs, simply leave us a comment in the field below before 12/11c on Monday, October 24.

This week’s question: What has been your most memorable Thanksgiving (good or bad)? Did you catch the garage on fire with a deep-fryer? Eat Chinese food on the floor of your new house with a few good friends? Make the best cranberry sauce ever? Tell us now.

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149 Responses

  1. 4Grammy says:

    Our best Thanksgiving ever was when my daughter had the entire family for dinner in her 100 year-old farmhouse and had cooked everything from scratch. She made her own napkin rings out of pressed leaves, pinecones, cinnamon sticks and twine and she also made the centerpiece for the table. Just beautiful!

  2. donsterb says:

    3 years ago my mom bought our first house and we ate pb&j sitting on stacks of boxes. it was a great year.

  3. Lea81194 says:

    The most memorable Thanksgiving was the year 2002…family, food and much fun! Great memories. : )Family is what really matters!

  4. Felipe33 says:

    A time to reflect on all your Blessings for sure!

  5. mary r lapalme says:

    the bentwood chairs were always comfortable and in our family and they loved them mary

  6. flummel says:

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was our last one….a total weather washout prevented us from attending the annual family get together and on the Wednesday just before Thanksgiving so we had to scramble to pull our own big dinner together. It was harried and delicious and very fun!

  7. syeffys says:

    My most memorable thanksgiving was when I had some international students who live far far away from their family (Mongolia) and came to my small one bedroom apartment to celebrate thanksgiving together. I had bought all the ingredients but then forgot to try out the oven and assumed that it works, at the time I was going to bake my turkey ball, I found out that the oven didn't work. But thankfully my good friend who live not too far from me helped me cook the turkey, brought some breads and cheered the party. It is joyful to see the smile on the students' face as they can have a "family" to celebrate the thanksgiving and won't feel so lonely.

  8. neal trautloff says:

    Thanksgiving 2010 was one of my best. I was off work for 1 week and my family went to the cabin. It was so nice and I got to spend a lot of time with my dog killer which was awesome. The previous years I had to work a lot around the holidays, so it was very nice to have the time off to spend with killer & family.

  9. Danielle Williams says:

    most memorable was when I got to go to Vegas to meet up with my aunt and grandmother I hadnt seen in 20 years. it was GREAT!

  10. brian says:

    last year after we moved into our new house!

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