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The Cohens finally had their dream apartment with big, beautiful windows and other architectural details that made the apartment distinctive. But the place was too neutral, just a big white box really, and the owners preferred to keep it that way.

So in order to make the apartment fun, interesting, chic, and really pop, we used bold blasts of color in the furniture and art to make the space really fantastic. The art also gave the apartment its character.

home by novogratz cohen apartment

To make your own environment look cool, invest your budget in bright throw pillows, a colorful carpet, unusual art (it doesn’t have to be expensive!), and lots of funky vintage furniture mixed with contemporary pieces. Don’t forget cool accessories that will help define the space in a more exciting way.

home by novogratz cohen before and after



15 Responses

  1. RoniqueG says:

    I'm an avid fan of the Novogratz couple and always enjoy how they make homes feel lively, fun and inviting for the lifestyle of the client. Thanks for the post, the ability to make homeowners feel at home is always a challenge. At Freshome.com we try and do the same thing – help inspire homeowners to love their home.

  2. Rachael says:

    This couple was also on Color Splash. Do they know someone at HGTV or did they just happen to apply to both shows and got on?

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  4. New Music says:

    Thanks for the post, the ability to make homeowners feel at home is always a challenge.
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  5. Kathy Pitts says:

    ON Income Property, who is paying for the renovation? Is HGTV? That is the only it seems they could drop their mortgage from $ 2,000 to $1,000 for instance when they rent out the basement renovation. Where does the money come from they pay for the renovation with? If they have this money stashed, why would they be so broke? Just curious who pays for the new renovation? I enjoy the show just need to understand how it really works. When Scott tells them it will cost 25,000 where does this money come from? If they take out a loan, it is really not helping them is it? Thanks

  6. kathleenincolorado says:

    why is the TV partially blocking the window? Who will ever sit in the silver chair/loveseat that is all by itself?

  7. Becky in 'Bama says:

    No idea when the pics were taken, but with the angle of the sun, it is obvious that at some time of day, t.v. viewing is NOT going to be easy – with the sun shining in your eyes – and not a drapery in sight. For the most part, I favor this design makeover more than ALL the other Novogratz stuff I've seen – though I still question some of their choices (e.g. t.v. placement). The coffee table makes me ill and more than one odd piece of artwork could be a bit much. Was a number thrown out as to the cost of this project? One last question: do any of their clients ever have pets? Throw a cat or dog in most of their designs and there could be trouble. ;)

  8. Josephsharma says:

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  9. Pam Zucker says:

    Where can I buy the family rug?

  10. Shannon says:

    I LOVE your work and designs. I am an artist / photographer and make a living at it and I appreciate your creativity, so brilliant!
    Your show is by far my favorite on HGTV. Most of the design shows are so boring and predictable but not yours. Your design makes me think outside the box. As an artist you inspire me. THANK YOU!

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