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This is the story of what happens when an insanely talented woodworker lets his wife design a table for her dream dining room.

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Our handmade dining room table.

Ready? Here it goes:

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Once upon a time...

Husband: What do you want the table to look like?
Wife: Rustic.
Husband: Can you be more specific?
Wife: Super rustic.

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Husband builds a traditional farmhouse style frame, glues and screws the wood to secure it, filling in holes in with dowel rods for a finished yet rustic look.

Husband: Like this?
Wife: I think so. But more rustic.
Husband: What do you mean more rustic?
Wife: I don’t know…distress it a bit?

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Using a dull chisel, Husband gouges the wood edges for a rough finish.

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Husband takes a blowtorch to the areas surrounding any knots.

Husband: Like that, right?
Wife: YES! But I think I want the table to be bigger…
Husband: Seriously? You’re kidding.
Wife: No. But I love you!

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Husband builds two 3-pronged wooden extensions to add 18.5'' to the length of the table.

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Husband isn't frustrated in the slightest by this addition to his workload.

Husband: OK. Removable extensions. Do you like?
Wife: I love. Now let’s talk about that sunroom

30 Responses

  1. granurokhel says:

    bow.. bow.. bow..

  2. I love this!!! I think this will my new spring project! I am in need of a dining room table.

  3. Joe says:

    Thank you for publishing this. It gave me the inspiration to build my own take on it. 4'x6' 36" tall "Farm-style" table. I feel it turned out well!

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  9. TypicallyRespectful says:

    Seriously? That is your comment. It's about the table not the room. I think there are hotlines you can call when you are having a bad day.

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