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This is the story of what happens when an insanely talented woodworker lets his wife design a table for her dream dining room.

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Our handmade dining room table.

Ready? Here it goes:

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Once upon a time...

Husband: What do you want the table to look like?
Wife: Rustic.
Husband: Can you be more specific?
Wife: Super rustic.

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Husband builds a traditional farmhouse style frame, glues and screws the wood to secure it, filling in holes in with dowel rods for a finished yet rustic look.

Husband: Like this?
Wife: I think so. But more rustic.
Husband: What do you mean more rustic?
Wife: I don’t know…distress it a bit?

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Using a dull chisel, Husband gouges the wood edges for a rough finish.

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Husband takes a blowtorch to the areas surrounding any knots.

Husband: Like that, right?
Wife: YES! But I think I want the table to be bigger…
Husband: Seriously? You’re kidding.
Wife: No. But I love you!

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Husband builds two 3-pronged wooden extensions to add 18.5'' to the length of the table.

Dining Room Table DIY- Erin Loechner

Husband isn't frustrated in the slightest by this addition to his workload.

Husband: OK. Removable extensions. Do you like?
Wife: I love. Now let’s talk about that sunroom

89 Responses

  1. RoniqueG says:

    Erin, how lucky you are to have a hubby that can design you what you want! :) The 'super rustic' table looks fantastic. Love how all the knots and imperfections show against the lighter wood. Kudos and thanks for sharing with us!

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  3. Lili@HGTV says:

    That is truly remarkable. I love Ken's solution with the removable extensions. Very pretty indeed.

  4. Bowmanave says:

    Wow!!! This is gorgeous! I would have been so scared to try to burn the table, but your pictures make it look pretty easy.

  5. Cute account of how this table came to be. Love the utilitarian design and removable extensions!

  6. It's me, Betsy! says:

    DUDE! He made the table extend? That Ken!!! Color us impressed!

  7. erin loechner says:

    Yep, it extends! He's a genius. :) And Bowmanave – we were scared, too, so we did the legs first. Easy peasy after that! :)

  8. Briana@HGTV says:

    Wow, I'm usually all about color and pattern, but the simplicity and texture here is divine. The table is a perfect, cozy focal point. Love!

  9. erin loechner says:

    Thanks, Briana!!!

  10. Marissa Huber says:

    Erin, you are so adorable, I'm just laughing at my desk! More rustic!!! Super rustic!!! Beautiful table and talented hubby!

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