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For last Friday’s freebie giveaway, we asked you to tell us about your most memorable Thanksgiving — good or bad. You had some amazing tales of Thanksgiving folly, from a yellow lab that gobbled up the main course (glazed ham) to ellenh’s unsuccessful quest to find a turkey overseas.

I loved this tale from crash_the_dog: The first time that that my wife and I hosted Thanksgiving for our combined families, we were faced with the dilemma of how to keep the respective patriarch’s ego in check. Our solution was to divvy up a couple of the “head of household” tasks such as carving the turkey and making the gravy. My old man got the gravy responsibility, and he was determined to awe the in-laws. He bought another turkey to cook at his house just so that he could make stock from it, and arrived at our place with a 3-gallon pot full of liquid gold – actually, he almost arrived with it – he tried to bring it up the stairs while also bringing his dog inside. The dog bolted, yanking his arm, and dumping three gallons of all over our stairs. Dad yelled at the dog, gather up his pot (leaving the gravy pool), and retreated to his house to make another batch. Dinner was late, but the gravy was well worth it.

Bauhaus to Your House Chairs

But despite the collection of (now) hilarious Thanksgiving mishaps, most of you echoed what Thanksgiving is really about: Enjoying the season’s bounty and your closest friend and family. So, who gets to share four of these Thonet chairs from Bauhaus2YourHouse with their near and dear?

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Kim, who shared this Thanksgiving memory: My favorite Thanksgiving was the one where I had Thanksgiving at my house. I had marinated the pre-cut turkey–yes, I took that baby off the bone all by myself–and griled it on a flatgrill. I did not have to slave over it all day, so I actually got to enjoy my family.

Kim has two weeks to respond to our emails before we pick another random winner.



2 Responses

  1. Montie Roebuck says:

    Love the chairs, we always cook for the elderly on tg day ,then come home and cook for any one who wants a turkey dinner, we called it the orphans dinner so anyone who can't be with family can come eat and be family with us. These chairs would help a bunch! Montie

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